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There are two teams that play ultimate in Cambridge: Cambridge University Ultimate (Strange Blue) and Cambridge Ultimate (CUlt). Many training sessions are open to all and run jointly between these two teams - these will be advertised on Camdisc, the main mailing list. University students should also contact the university captains for information about student practices.

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Latest News:

Lent 2018 College League round-up

Another great term of Ultimate Frisbee College League! Snowy weather put the schedule a bit off-kilter this term, with several matches towards the beginning of the term in particular having to be postponed. The term culminated in the 4th annual end-of-term Lent Hat tournament which saw 70 players come together for a fun full day of frisbee at which Team C(an’t think of a name) eventually emerged triumphant. We’re looking forward to next term’s league (with hopefully better weather)!

A summary of the term’s results follows:

Div. 1

1 v 2 (Hills Road v Trinity) and 3 v 4 (Homerton v Frisee Rascals) matches yet to take place.

  1. DCU
  2. Churchill & MEdwards

Div. 2

Congrats to New Thundercatz for placing at the top of Div. 2!

Full rankings are:

  1. New Thundercatz
  2. Chrembroke House
  3. ARU Darkside
  4. Corpus
  5. Penguins
  6. Jesus + John's


Congrats to Penguins for winning spirit!

Full rankings are:

  1. Penguins - 3.44
  2. New Thundercatz - 3.33
  3. Trinity - 3.25
  4. DCU - 3.17
  5. Hills Road - 3.08
  6. Corpus Christi - 3.06
  7. ARU Darkside - 2.45
  8. Chrembroke House - 2.44
  9. Frisee Rascals - 1.55
  10. Jesus + John's - 1.21
  11. Churchill & MEdwards - 0.90
  12. Homerton - 0.00

N.B. As outlined in the College League rules, a failure to submit spirit scores was penalised by a score of 0 for that match.

Cambridge Ultimate

Sunday - JG
11:00 - 13:00

Tuesday - JG      18:00 - sunset   Throwing + pickup

Thursday - JG  18:00 - sunset   Skills session

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