Strange Blue
Cambridge University Ultimate Club

We are the student ultimate team of the University of Cambridge. If you are not a current student, please check out Camdisc, our parent club, which organises open-to-all ultimate in Cambridge. You can also join one of the non-student teams competing in our 'college league'.

Strange Blue (or SB)  fields four squads - SB Open (1 & 2), SB Womxn's, and SB Mixed - to compete in BUCS outdoor leagues, as well as outdoor and indoor university tournaments. More information about joining our squads can be found here.

Looking for a low-level, low-commitment way to play a sport? Find your college league team here. There are also teams for non-students, and some local high schools take part too. Eligibility rules are very loose, so feel free to ask the captains of any college team you'd like to join, even if you're not at that college, or if you're alumni or staff.

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a non-contactsport where a flying disc is progressed down the field by passing between teammates. The opposing side tries to intercept passes: an interception, incomplete pass, or out of bounds throw results in a turnover, giving the defending team has an opportunity to score in the other direction. Points are scored by catching the disc in the opponent's end zone. The sport is self-officiated at every level of play.

More information can be found at

I've never played before, is this for me?

While some people arrive with years of experience, many of us had never played before learning the sport at uni. Our college league teams are aimed at beginners and casual players, and our squads (particularly SB Open 2 and SB Womxn's) are also a great place to learn quickly, so don't hesitate to reach out to the captains. Progressing from absolute beginner to a competitive level is possible within a year with sufficient enthusiasm and dedication.