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Easter and Summer 2014 wrap-up

As it turned out, this has been the most successful season for the club in recent memory -- by a significant margin. I could talk for paragraphs about each one of our wins this season but for your sakes I'll keep it to a few sentences each. Do go online, read the tournament reports [1], and be proud of what we accomplished this year. We blew up huge, everyone.


Some awful luck took the mixed squad down to 4 women in the days before UMON, but we turned up anyway. We started the tournament slow, ending up in the only bracket without a trophy at the top of it (people above and below us got prizes ...) after a few mediocre games. Of course it was all just a ploy to face the old enemy (Oxford), having had no mixed varsity match. We suddenly stepped up our game -- despite having only 3.5 women at this point -- blew them away and finished by claiming 25th winning our bracket [2]. Huge kudos to the women who iron-manned the entire tournament and still kept beating the opposition.

Then, the big show.
At open nationals, open squad only went and won it all. Double national champions baby! Indoors and Outdoors!
Despite not quite winning regionals, and losing a couple of players to injury, the Open squad rocked up to Manchester and absolutely dominated the division. Absolutely the best I've ever seen SB play. Won every game by at least four points, never in a losing position, didn't concede more than two breaks in a game. A truly incredible weekend -- relive the glory with George's report. [3]

In the largest UWON ever, the women's squad was severely let down by some truly strange seeding, with two of the eventual top 6 teams in their pool forcing them into the lower bracket. Nevertheless, the women fought hard on the Sunday to claim 23rd place.

The alumni had an entertaining weekend, possibly enjoying their time laughing on the sidelines and heckling each other more than the actual ultimate. Nevertheless they only narrowly missed out on the final, finishing 4th. Read Mike's excellent report online [4].

That wrapped up the student season -- truly one to remember. So many trophies. The end of season party was wild.


The Mixed Worlds squad, as expected, dominated Mixed Tour with only Bear Cavalry proving tough to beat, and comfortably placed 2nd overall. Cambridge Ultimate had enough depth to send two more squads to MT, with Cambridge 2 soaring through the seedings and finishing 19th.

Open Tour went swimmingly as well with the first squad comfortably reclaiming their A-tour spot at the first opportunity. Overall CUlt 1 finished 10th and CUlt 2, 43rd. Tull's reports are on the website. And even better, our friends in Punt ended up winning Women's Tour.

Open Regionals saw us represented by a smaller-than-desired team (with Worlds the next weekend) that ended up just missing out on qualifying. Another team dropping out gave us a second chance however and a more complete Cambridge Ultimate squad had an absolute stormer at Nationals, finishing 6th and qualifying for EUCF. Somewhat unexpected, and by a significant margin our best ever finish at Nationals. After some scrambling we were able to roster a squad in time to be allowed to attend Euros.

Cambridge Ultimate Open makes its first international appearance in Frankfurt on 3-5 Oct. Go get 'em!

Meanwhile, the mixed Worlds squad was only placing 6th at WUCC in Lecco, Italy. Only the best mixed team in the world outside of North America. No big deal. (It was a huge deal. Large parts of Cambridge came to a standstill when CUlt were on the Skyd livestream. The Twittersphere was abuzz. SB got a shoutout from the commentators. It was all happening.)

So, just after our most successful student season we followed it up with our most successful club season. What a year. By a (somewhat arbitrary) ranking system, Cambridge Ultimate was the 2ND BEST OUTDOOR CLUB in the country this year. Beaten only by Clapham. Well, there's the target for next year.


Easter College league saw Churchill continue their good form, beating Trinity to the title. On a beautiful sunny summer's day, future SB captain Rolo lead Churchill to the Summer Cuppers title as well. Can anyone beat these guys next year? We'll see. In any case, James Richardson was still not pleased.


The AGM saw a new committee elected (I'm not president, hah) and our Annual Dinner in Pembroke was both well-attended and a very merry occasion. Lots of trophies to drink out of, after all.

We've also been involved in discussions about changes in University ultimate, specifically with the regions being redrawn (we're now with London), women's outdoor regionals being introduced (we're for this) and proposals to change Open into a league structure (we're against this). And of course with a new student season comes recruitment, we'll be at the Societies Fair in Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall on 7-8 Oct, and will be having plenty of beginners sessions in the weeks following. All experienced help welcome.

EUCF is the next upcoming big event, followed by the student indoor season. It's gonna be good.

The new student captains are:
Open: Chris Barnes and Roland Turnell-Ritson
Womens: Helen Hambling
Mixed: James Richardson and Charlie Daffern

The next summary will be at the end of the calendar year from our new president George Anegg. Hope you've enjoyed reading them, and do keep in touch wherever you are.

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