Strange Blue Tournament Report

Women's Tour 1

6-7.June.2009 - Chiswick, London

Greetings, Sweet Bidders,

The ladies of Strange Blue and friends, the Dolly Mixtures, took to their first women's tour a dazzling squad of Laura Fletcher, Hannah Williams, Susanna Bidgood, Becky Edwards, Charlotte Barber, Laura Woodford, Sonja Abhyankar, Alex Carnegie-Brown, Sally and Anna from DUF, Megan Davies-Wykes, and me, Jassy Drakulic. We were seeded 15th, and I think we must have beaten our seeding though I don't actually know where we finished... eheh


Dolly Mixtures 11 - 5 MUF – **WIN**

OK, I have to admit that I was heavily hungover on Saturday following celebrations of Schumegan finishing work for the summer, so forgive me that I can't remember much of the matches. Anyway these girls woke us up well, but we had the edge in terms of both accurate handling and awesome grabs in the endzone to make the score difference. We also had some awesome sideline support from the seconds for this game, cheers boys :)

Dolly Mixtures less - more Lemu

Alex told us they were gonna be good, and they were, but we gave it a good fight... I just can't remember how much of a good fight. Anyway, I *do* remember the call of bum sumos, and bum bounces instead of slaps. It was certainly a well spirited game, and a pleasure to play.

Dolly Mixtures 8 - 10 The Brown – loss

We were leading, Megan twisted her ankle, they caught us and took the lead but we brought it back level and it was 8-8 at time. They sealed the deal though with two long points where both teams kept throwing it away, but The Brown managed to finally put it in and we didn't. Though it has to be noted that in this game the immense Hannah-Susanna huck connections were really coming off, and even if we didn't score as many points as they did we did it in better style :P


Dolly Mixtures 11 - 3 Crown Jewels 2 – **WIN**

We rocked, hard. Our zone was totally mega wizard and all positions got loads of Ds, with Sally sweeping up all the crap that went up the wing and Laura Fletcher ripping down long discs time after time after time.

Dolly Mixtures 5 - 8 MUF (again) – loss

We had a good start but lost despite establishing a 4-1 lead. I'm not really sure what made the difference between this game and the first where we beat them, but i remember them just getting point after point from simple strings of breakside passes, which were never pretty but got them the numbers on the board. I guess by this stage We'd lost Alex, Megan and Charlotte (who had to go home to move house or something) so subs were short and it was the second game in a row. I.e. we were waning unfortunately and their sustained intensity and desire to win prevailed.

Dolly Mixtures 11 - 7 Nice Bristols 2 – **WIN**

A very well spirited game, against a team with a really broad spectrum of athleticism. We used our match-ups well, and had to fight for a lot of swilly discs on top of the stack that they kept putting up. That's about all I can remember. Our zone that had been working brilliantly all day was being torn apart by relentless crashing, though a few tweaks and we were all over them again. Snodge really shone with some outstandingly secure grabs, taking down some long discs with flair and making fantastic cuts to be wherever you needed her.

Dolly Mixtures 12 - 8 GB Juniors – **WIN**

Fletcher took a disc to the face to enhance her pout. I got foot-blocked by a teenager, though i redeemed myself immediately after getting a hand-block of my own mwaahaha! The game was tight until half, and then we stretched out a good lead so despite a mini-comeback in the cap we held onto victory with some real super-slick offense that slipped through their zone. Simple but smart cutting was a real success factor in this game, and despite some very very weary legs our game was totally tight. A totally sweet way to end our first tour together!

MVP was a split vote between our superstar guest Hannah and the unstoppable Laura Fletcher, but even so every member of the team showed great improvements and some moments of utter awesomeness that they can take away with them proudly. Sadly Alex's knees could only really bear about 8 points all weekend, but her intelligent captaincy and sideline worked wonders for us as a team.


Party people rocked over to enjoy some undergrad-style drunken fun, with considerable amounts of Ouzo and GlaxoSmithKline. And Sonja made it very clear how far she'd go for £20 ;)

Over and out,

Jaswah xx