Strange Blue Tournament Report

University Mixed Indoor Regionals - SB1

23-24.Jan.2010 - Norwich

Bear with me as this is my first time writing match reports and fulfilling my role as JTM.

Grr I wish I was born in the 80s and I also wish my computer wasn't crap and didn't crash in the middle of typing this.

Anyway, last weekend (Jan. 23/24), we sent off two teams to University Mixed Indoor Regionals (UMIR), held in Norwich at UEA (who have amazing sports facilities).

Team: Fatty Jon, Gary L, Ian S, Chris B, Susanna, Natalie, Jo, Megan, and moi!


Pool Match #1

SB1 vs SB2 First match of the tournament, and for 20 min, we had to go against each other and forget our friendly ways. We came out strong, with some awesome skills, but also with the advantage of having less hungover people. They did start catching up to us near the end with some crazy grabs from Laura, but we managed to keep our lead.

Win! Score: SB1 5-4 SB2

Pool Match #2

SB1 vs uBu1 Pumped from winning the first match, we went hard at the game, working an iso around for our offense. We were lucky that uBu dropped a couple of discs in the beginning, but we were also making really good connections and Susanna was doing some beastly cuts. Overall, we just had a lot of fun.

Win! Score: SB1 9-2 uBu1

Pool Match #3

SB1 vs Aye-Aye 2 We continued using our iso strategy, but we weren't making as many connections as the previous two games. We were able to build it back up towards the end of the game, though, and pulled through.

Win! Score: SB1 7-5 Aye-Aye 2

Pool Match #4

SB1 vs Lincoln 1 I don't remember much about this game; just the fact that we've played Lincoln several times before. We won and were satisfied that we came out top of the pool. Whoo!

Win! Score: SB1 7-3 Lincoln 1

Saturday Night

We crashed in people's houses, ate lots of fish and chips (how standard as a Brit), watched some football, and then walked all the way to the UEA bar because we were too cheap to take a bus or taxi. We also didn't go to the party, even though we told all the other teams we would. Nevertheless, fun and chill times at the bar until it shut, and we just trekked back home to our slumber.


Final Pool Game

We were still half asleep when we were playing this game, as it started at 9:45am. Bears2 was clearly not. They beat us to it, defeated our iso, and although we did start recovering towards the end, we were slightly too late.

Loss. SB1 4-6 Bears2


SB1 vs uBu2 With caffeine and food in our system, we were finally awake and ready to go for the knockout games. We played some hard D and completed simple passes that got us a lot of our points. We also now had a chance to qualify for the Div. 1 Nationals.

Win! SB1 7-4 uBu2


SB1 vs Aye-Aye1 So we knew we were going to be against a tough opponent, having watched Aye-Aye's previous game with uBu1. They have some quick girls and this one guy who grabs any sort of flying disc. We started off really strong, scoring 4-0, but then they got their act together, scoring 6 points in a row. We couldn't adjust quickly enough to catch up to them again. We probably panicked a bit as well as they started winning.

Loss. SB1 4-6 Aye-Aye1

3v4 Play Off:

SB1 vs uBu1 We went against a familiar opponent. We knew what they were like, and they knew how we played. It was a very even match throughout, with us scoring points alternatively. There were a lot of turnovers going on, and a lot of tension since both teams wanted the win. The time cap ended at 5-5, and we lost in sudden death, with uBu doing an epic dive for their last point.

Loss. SB1 5-6 uBu1

So we came 4th, with a div. 2 spot for nationals. It was a really fun weekend, especially as my first indoors tournament, and hopefully everyone else enjoyed it too. Props to Fatty and Megan for their lovely baking! (:

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