Strange Blue Tournament Report

Open Tour 3 - SB 1

17-18.July.2010 - Cardiff

Hi everyone,

A quick report on open tour 3, which took place in Cardiff this past weekend. The firsts persevered brilliantly with a "tightly integrated" team of 12 after several last minute crises. Despite our small squad and a steadily accumulating list of injuries we managed to give Fire 2 and several other strong teams a run for their money. Our injuries and tiredness did catch up with us, though, and we lost a close game against cardiff in the 16v17 game to be relegated to B tour, and over the whole weekend we went from 14th to 18th.

Ben Wickerson was awarded MVP, after his impeccable cutting time after time after time as first cut, huge puts for crucial upwinders, and massive grabs in the endzone. Great work, Ben!

I'd also like to say thanks to all the people who put in so much effort despite being very tired and/or injured -- we had people playing despite doctor's orders not to, an almost-broken thumb, a knee the size of a grapefruit, and various assorted ankle, leg and shoulder injuries!