Strange Blue Tournament Report

Nationals - SB1

21-22.August.2010 - Southampton

We had a chance of being 15th seed or 16th seed, I pulled 16 and brown got 15. (seems unlucky, but wait....)

Saturday- damp but warm- light rain on and off all day, gusty winds. We lost to Clapham in game one (pretty handily, but used it as a tough warm up). We then played Fire 2 in an epic 16-15 sudden death win for SB. Fido went up for a floaty huck, was fouled and was called for foul (unlikely that last bit) and then after the disc was sent back, it was promptly re-hucked and he came down with it and we promptly scored for the W. We then played Tooting Tigers in the 8-9 game after a 2 hour lay off- and we didn't put up too much of a fight, since we were too happy with ourselves from the previous win.

Sunday- rain held off most of the day, almost no wind, but cloudy throughout We started off against Burro Electrico and battled back and forth- with SB losing what could have been a really close game but not quite- 15-12. We lost a few players due to injury, lost our brains for a couple points, and tried to battle, but tired legs did us in. We then played Leeds in our final game, and at this point were down to 10 people, so were basically run into the ground, it wasn't close.

But overall, we pulled together a rag tag team- with no real practice for weeks, and improved our seed 4 spots!

There was a belated team picture (we can photoshop you slackers in, I suppose) and Fido was voted MVP! (up on the web page soon I'm sure) (Crow was runner up).