Strange Blue Tournament Report Ballad

Mixed Tour 3

12-13.Jul.2008 - Birmingham

I sing of discs and of the man,
destined to lead our team,
Of blue clad youths and bright women,
To the pitch of the ultimate dream.
With brave Nick Wong the day began,
Who brought us quick and true,
To the fair fields of Birmingham,
We lined up in black and in blue.
Though sad we were at our tragic loss,
Of companions from tour 1 and 2,
Our hearts were gladdened when to us,
Came three mortals fresh and new,

Lady Mags and with her Lord Satan,
Came far from the Churchill land,
And though he professed mixed games to hate 'em,
Lord Magic then joined our band.
At first we faced 4 hugs a day,
A team in blue and pink:
With an endzone D, fatty paved the way,
For a triumph, or so you'd think...

Sure enough, we won in that first match,
With a score of eight to ten
But woe to us; there was a catch
The end of the match was not then!

Having done the calls we battled on,
Until the real end was nigh,
Despite our drive 4 hugs then won
And we left the pitch with a sigh.

Our next great trial was a team named Flump,
And though we started with a 2-1 lead,
Their zone for them was quite a trump,
and they won the match 13-3.

Twas not for lack of skill we lost that match
The win was not to be,
Evil assassins our game they did smash:
Assassins only Magic could see...

Apart from that curse, our game was merry,
With terrier play all round,
Linz did a great 'panic fake' throw to Berry,
And Chris dropped the pull on the ground.
Our lucky stars were shining though,
As that disc was dropped, when
We realised it was our turn to pull
And begin (with the disc) again.
Barry O'Kane got a callaghan,
But wait - that was not from our game,
We got our team ready, down to a man
And got ready to fight again.
The next team we faced was Flaming Galaghs,
In our last game of the day,
Berry then failed to get as far,
As he'd intended, come what may:

When he pursued that disc with pace,
Across the pitch of green,
A second man then joined the chase:
A player from the other team,

When met, these titans of our trade,
Upon the grassy field
They did crash, and play was stayed
Until their wounds had healed*.

Another point was pretty cool:
When all but one was used
Jassy first (after Tom caught the pull)
Then to me did not refuse,

To throw the disc, on stallcount eight,
I threw it on to Tom,
Berry then took the plastic's weight
And Mags then caught it and won.
The game, of course, would not be right,
Without the token 'Ass D'
Procured for us by Linz's foresight,
Oh how I wish it were me!
Throughout the day, we must not forget,
The play of Nick and Jon,
With countless hammers these two met,
And many a point they won.
When play was ended and our tents were set,
On the campsite of the tour,
As comrades in battle we again met,
But for that day the disc was no more.

Twas to the curry house we ventured to,
And when we had feasted well,
Towards the pub our team of blue,
Where beer the tavern did sell.
We found a Children's play area,
In the pub which sold our ale,
Up rose the spirit of the terrier,
And we went to explore the trail.

We whooped and cheered as we climbed and jumped
Down rollers and up the slides,
No knee was grazed nor head bumped,
Nor hamstring pulled besides.
The very next day, after sleep recharged,
We marched to the field of green,
Our first match was vs Charged,
And we knew that they'd be keen,

For the fate of the pool was on this time;
Whether we'd be third or second,
Our team fought hard: Both O and D line,
And victory for us beckoned.
When the game had got to thirteen all,
They were on O, but Nick was quick,
He D'd them sure, but there was a call,
The suspense made the sideline sick.
Finally Charged gave up the fight,
And allowed us to take possession,
Our O line fought with all their might,
And scored to end the session.
After winning that we sought out Curve,
The team we were next to face,
Again we won with Frisbee lurve,
By good play and awesome pace.

The last match of the weekend then was nigh,
On MILF we set our sights,
We kept up the speed (I do not lie),
And scored points off the frisbee's flights,

There was one sad time in this last match,
For Susanna had scored a goal,
When a MILF man took from her the catch,
But would not believe it at all.
The match was won and we were free,
But one more task remained for the day:
Satan and Mags were named MVP
As a token of their fine play.
To the unsung heroes of the tour,
I write a verse for you,
It is only coz my skill is poor, That of names I include so few.
The tour is ended, as is my song,
Yet one favour I ask you obey
To join with the team of brave Nick Wong,
And say RUFF to all our play!

Mel Whittaker

*Note: about 5 or 6 seconds.