Strange Blue Tournament Report

London Winter League 5

18.Mar.2007 - London


Just a brief report on today's winter league:

Thanks loads to all who turned out and gave a big effort on the day: Teabag Robustelli, Hayley Sharpe, Jen Hou, Matt Shannon, Magic, James Strachan, Mark Stephens, Bruce Lin, Rob Schumacher, Adam Booth, Tom Cope, Hannah Williams.

SB 6 - 2 Blaze
Good first game, although we had to give Blaze a couple of players cos we were short - thanks to Hannah and Magic for that. We really started the day strongly with this game, and coped well with the very very very very very windy conditions with strong zone D and some good upwind scores.

SB 6 - 5 Discuits
Big win this one - although largely down to me winning the toss (which in itself was comedy as the discs rolled about 30 metres in the wind before stopping...) as the wind got even worse. That said, we put in some real graft to shut Discuits down - they're a strong team and did cope better with the conditions, but we were committed enough and good enough to deny them the upwind and score all our downwinds. Nice 1.

SB 6 - 5 CamboCakes
The guys from Hamster Jam gave us another tough game, but as in the Discuits game we played well to shut them down. Arguably we played even better in this game and there wasn't much between the teams throughout. All round another great effort, especially as the hail came flying down...

SB 2 - 13 Fire
Ok, not a great scoreline, but we were competitive in this game and made Fire work really hard for everything they got. We were also close to a few more scores and this sort of game is great experience for us. The highlight for us had to be Jen's epic layout for our first score - a sweet way to reward a sweet cut. We can definitely learn from the quickness of what Fire do - especially in the way they transition between O and D before we get ourselves sorted and in their hard and effective clearing out after cuts.

Matt Shannon for his typical great handling (especially upwind) and some mighty grabs (including some goodun's in the Fire game). Well played sir. Time for someone to persuade him to play tour with SB...........

That's it - thanks again to everyone who made it; everyone contributed really strongly throughout the day to a great team effort. Cheers.