Strange Blue Tournament Report

London Winter League 2

14.Dec.2006 - London

So we finished F O U R T H at Winter League 2!! Only Clapham, Fire and Discuits above us. Congratulations everyone!

Huge thanks to all who turned up and played hard all day: Nick, Hannah, Mark, James N, James S, JB, Daniela, Kelly, Pedro, Katia, Magic, Tom C, SH Chen, Paul R, Sarah L, and Jon. For once we had a good size squad and it really made a difference, giving us intensity both on the field and on the sideline.

For the record we beat UCL (1st at LWL1) in our first game by 12-5 in a really convincing start to the day, playing with hard-running, solid O and some really fired-up D. After that, we had a 9-2 loss to Discuits in a game we never really got into. We do need to be able to pick our game up when we're put under pressure, but that's something to work on next time.

Those first two results put us in the pool for 4th, 5th and 6th. The afternoon games were fantastic and rather than settle for 6th, we showed real fight to run hard and get some really smooth flow going in big victories over Brighton (3rd last time) by 13-5 and Revolution (2nd last time) by 12-5 to claim 4th. We never let up on D and coped well when the wind got up, using some great long options on our O as well as our nippy passing game.

Nick Wong was deservedly voted MVP for his tireless running on both O and D, getting numerous layout and run-through Ds. Well played Nick! I should also mention how great our five girls were & running rings round the blokes all day. nice 1.

The next Winter League is on Sunday 14th January so please do keep that date free. I'll send out mails asking for interest and giving further details in due course. Thanks once again for everyone's commitment to the day. we got a great result that we thoroughly deserved.