Strange Blue Tournament Report

Costa Brava

27-29.Mar.2010 - Lloret de Mar, Spain


Here's a report of the adventures of Team 'Stranger Danger' Blue at the 6th Costa Brava erotic edition tournament. 'Stranger Danger' got coined because the hotel misspelt our name and because there was a lot of stranger rodeo this weekend.

The team:

In short, SB took a beating from the Europeans, but we were totally the hottest things on the dancefloor. So here are the match reports, plus tournament gossip which will explain the photos you find on facebook.


This day saw a gradual assembly of the team and we took the chance to test out the gravel-like beach. After dinner, SB hit the tequila bar and then moved onto the welcome party. The dancing got drunkenly erotic with equal blame to be placed on the girls and the boys. Niall broke out a few break-dancing moves and there were some other less impressive drunken antics. Natman launched Natalie backwards onto her camera which then broke. I kissed Heather um yeah.

Saturday SB 4-13 Revolution Air

Revolution Air played very well and SB didn't get much on them, we were also paying the price for being on the lash the night before. Some highlights: 1) Heather vommed into a bin on the sideline during the first point and then had to wash herself off in the sea. 2) The most fluky point: Natman threw a long disc to John who then made a bid which macked it into the endzone and got scored by Rich. 3) Natalie dropped a pull. This was caught on camera by the hosts and edited into the tournament montage which got displayed at Sunday's party.

There was a long gap until the next game. It was during this time that I discovered the joys of laying out on sand, this would come in use later on. SB also tried their hand at a bit of freestyle.

SB 6-9 Tuga

We lost. All I can remember about this match was the big fat lazy handler on Tuga's team. He was massive in a massive way, with some massive throws too.


This game was played on a terrible pitch with a hill at one endzone and quicksand-like ground. Running was a ridiculous task and the whole game was in serious slow motion. We put a zone out on this one, which worked well because the XLR8R girls weren't good receivers. Our O had trouble scoring in the endzone and there was an epic 20 min point which was painful to watch. Kudos to Natalie for being chase.


This evening saw more partying. SB behaved like super tourists and got lured into a tequila bar with the promise of free tequila. There wasn't any, go figure. After the party, the night was rounded off with greasy burgers and bowling at 3am.


We were getting into to the swing of beach Frisbee and adapting to the high blood alcohol/little sleep combination. It was another brilliant sunshine day and there were a few awesome moments in our play.

SB 3-10 Discterics

We lost again.

SB 8-10 Peixets

This one was close. I got a layout D in the endzone =D. SB won that point with a swing and then a sweet outside-in from Natalie to Chetan in the endzone. SB chose the 'clothesline' call, which went down a treat with the onlookers. Niall got butt naked and jumped around with his wang out like a loony. Heather also got her boobs out.

Our run of losses put us bottom of our pool. We were determined not to come last and put our all into the next crossover matches.

SB 8-7 Re Flying Oysters

This was a hard fought win. We were 7-7 on a cap to 8, Niall boosted it to get a layout score at the edge of the endzone. Cue team bundle.

SB 5-10 Contact Disc

Another loss. Contact Disc were a bit call happy. Heather blocked a disc with her face, which got called as a strip.


A pretty shattered SB team rejuvenated themselves with some sweet group hugging and napping. We went on the hunt for Tapas. Instead we found a restaurant called Can Sabata and had a wonderfully meat heavy dinner. We also ate a fair amount of raw garlic during the starter the taste would linger for a while. Niall ordered pigs feet with snails, srsly what.


We really got our hotness on for the eroticism-themed party. Our costumes involved: naked torsos, bowties, moustaches, face paint and lingerie. We also acquired other peoples costumes and had much fun with a truncheon, firefighter's hat and supersized snake. Claire stranger-rodeoed a guy with the most ripped abs ever and Anna got harassed by a French guy who wanted to take off her clothes. Apparently Natman and Heather did a strip challenge and Heather won, no-one noticed this happening. The hardest partiers were definitely Rich and Natalie, who made it an all-nighter by partying till the end and then hitting the beach for some stupid o'clock Frisbee.


SB 5-2 Tookadisc

There was some crazy wind on Monday (+ heavy hangovers + sleep deprivation + still being drunk = some crazy Frisbee). Tookadisc were a good match against us and we beat them by scoring two upwind points using neat passes.

SB 3-5 Tuga

This was our last game and we were playing for 21st/22nd position. Our pre-game pep talk consisted only of film quotes, boo yeah. The game ended when we were 3-5 down during cap and a Tuga lady took a nasty fall backwards whilst bidding for a disc. There was a freaky period of first aid madness on the pitch. Good news though, cos she was alright and got a cheer as she got up from the ground. Time was up and we gave the win to Tuga. The best bit of this game was sharing a bottle of cherry liquor with Tuga after the match.

End So that was SB placed 22nd out of 24 in the Costa Brava tourney. We stayed to watch Corocotta win the finals and then ate cake, ice cream and toasties. Most of the team were leaving that evening and it was sad-times goodbyeing. Not gonna lie, I did miss them pretty intensely during the post-tourney void. *Group hug*. The few that were left went back to play some beach Frisbee, finish off the alcohol, do some internet café-ing, and go out for the final night.



Jess xXx