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Tournament Reports

University Women's Varsity 2019

23.Feb.2019 - 24.Feb.2019 - Cambridge

Varsity 2019:


Women’s outdoors: 7-10 L 


As our first outdoor game together, we put up a magnificent against Oxford’s first team. As the game progressed, we managed to call a few time outs and discuss what to change and how to use our space on the field more efficiently. We managed to calm ourselves down and take our time with the disc (#treasurethedisc and #staychilly). Once we started to do this and have cutters leave earlier and use the lanes both for deep and short looks, we started to connect on offense and rack up some points. Our person defence was tight and caused a lot of well-timed turnovers, but we didn’t manage to shut down their handler movements and deep looks as much as we needed to. Overall, a great start to our outdoor career as a team. Oxford chose Jemima as the MVP of the game for our team due to her incredible grabs and cutting throughout the game. 


Women’s firsts indoors: 9-1 W


The tide changed for us here as we dominated the game in indoors. With fluid movements and great deep looks, we managed to keep up the momentum and gain a comfortable lead. However, we never let our energy drop, and we never stopped fighting Oxford for every point. Other than a couple calls and misunderstandings rules-wise, the game was well-spirited. 


Women’s seconds indoors: 5-1 W


With a magnificent last point for us right before the buzzer, the seconds team also dominated the indoors pitch and pulled away with a big win. By making well-timed D’s and making fast transitions after the turnovers, we managed to capitalize and gain the points needed to take the game. The game was won due to our patience and determination on defence and protecting the end zone. 


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