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Tournament Reports

Varsity Day one - Outdoors

24.Feb.2018 - 25.Feb.2018 - Oxford

SB traveled to Oxford for a full weekend of varsity competition...

Lots of photos can be found on our facebook page - https://goo.gl/hfFjh9

Mens 1st Team

Cambridge 11 – 12 Oxford

(Author: JR)

Somehow the Varsity game always ends up being close, and the 12-11 multi-turn universe point win for Oxford is a pretty good example of that. The game was pretty scrappy the whole way through. Neither team could really establish a viable deep game and churning out the unders on the muddy pitch wasn’t ideal either. Sometimes it seemed like a contest between whether Oxford could drop clap catches more times than we could throw away the disc. I’m sure both teams would like the chance to adjust their tactics and another chance at the execution, but that’s not really the story of the game. For us, the story was the fight to claw back Oxford in the game twice, especially the 3 points in a row to tie the game at 11-11. Team: JR, Jonny, Perry, Adam, Mo, Noah, Henry, Raj, Cope, MC









Mens 2nd Team

Cambridge 15 – 5 Oxford

(Author: Theo Chua)

The Men’s second team looked to maintain its stranglehold on the wheel, as we have for the past three years.  In a similar fashion to last year, we came out strong in the first half, taking a sizeable lead at half of 7-2.  With smooth flowing offense and a few deep shots, we were able to rack up points without Oxford being able to threaten the match.  In the second half, some outrageous grabs by the Oxford team ensured that they kept adding to their total.  However, the depth of our squad proved too strong, with us growing our lead, eventually taking the win, and the wheel, for the fourth year in a row with a final score of 15-5. Team: Bryan, Theo, Mark, Fisher, Ravi, Yibs, Aimeric, Luke, Clement








Cambridge 6 – 12 Oxford

(Author: May)

Cambridge came into the game with excitement to test out their new tactics taught by Abi on Oxford. Cambridge started on D and threw a zone defence which surprised them, making a start on the scoreboard by gaining 2 points ahead of Oxford. The wind started to pick up which made it perfect for Cambridge to trap Oxford on the side line with their cup, making it harder for their offense to break through the zone. Unfortunately, by half time the wind died down. Oxford utilised their deep options well and Cambridge used this opportunity to practice their person defence. It was a hard fought battle that ended with the score of 12-6 to Oxford. There has been such an improvement in the development of the team compared to the start of the season. The women are taking this opportunity to learn from this game and are determined to work on their offence in time for Outdoor regionals.

MVP: May








Cambridge 7 – 6 Oxford

(Author: Jonny)

After losses for the men’s and women’s teams mixed was an opportunity to take revenge. SB started the game well taking a 2 point lead. Both teams were able to apply defensive pressure and cause multiple turns. Oxford pulled it back to 6-6, with Cambridge receiving the pull on universe point. Adam unleashed a big backhand huck which JR managed to take down just outside the endzone, with a quick throw to Ali giving SB the win.








Cambridge 5 – 11 Oxford (ish)

Lots of alumni and frisbee :-)

Team: Sam Turner, Dom Dathan, James Kenny, Mike Fletcher, Tom Cope, Rich Lloyd, Adam Bennett, Gary Lowe, Sam Mouat, Danny Hunt, Tejas Guruswamy and bonus student ladies Becca, Carla, Beth, and May.

Cambridge Ultimate
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Everyone participates at their own risk, please cosider the conditions and general skill level, and play at a safe intensity.

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