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Tournament Reports

SB2 at Mixed Indoor Regionals 2016

29.Oct.2016 - 30.Oct.2016 - UEA Sportspark, Norwich

SB 2 came to the tournament seeded 9th and being the highest ranked 2nd team. However, with a team had hadn’t played together much before, including a couple of new faces (Will from UEA, Karla from UCL, Christian from Mexico and Tom from Penguins), we knew this would be hard to defend.

Elliot Cheung (C), Tom Broughton, Will Peach, Micheal Chronias, Christian Esparza
Karla Cervantes, May Chua, Jo Starkie (C), Katie Tidd, Becca Harwin


vs. St Mary's 2: 2 v 3

In the first game against St. Mary’s, SB2 started off on the back foot, the team not yet fully gelled. St Mary’s 2 had some strong overhead play which we struggled to defend against. St Mary’s 2 went on to become the highest ranked second team of the tournament beating UCL, Brunel and Essex 1.

vs. Hertfordshire 1: 2 v 9

Despite better play by SB2, Hearts outclassed us in the end (going on to take 3rd in the tournament), despite Will and Christian beautifully homeboy-ing the disc down the line almost into the endzone.

vs. Imperial 1: 2 v 9

Ranked top in our pool, Imperial 1 was a formidable force going into the match, not least because of their new Rolo. However, SB2 performed well with marked improvements on the other games.

vs. Essex 2: 13 v 1

The first win of the weekend for SB2 against a beginner dominated team. The game was well-spirited with SB2 honing our skills and Will making lots of excellent grabs and toe drags in the endzone to bring us to the hard cap.

vs. Imperial 2: 5 v 6

Flying high from our easy win over Essex 2, SB 2 came into this game firing on all cylinders. We traded points with Imperial 2 throughout the game. A dodgy foul call on an excellent end zone D by Will during the last possession of the game granted Imperial another chance to score, breaking the draw.



Despite the annoying defeat to Imperial 2 we went into day 2 with high spirits, gaining Yibs but sadly losing Tom to Penguins’ captaining duty.

vs. KCL 2: 7 v 3

We came out strong against KCL 2, our women shutting down their strong women handlers, particularly May with many great Ds.

vs. Imperial 3: 10 v 3

We completed the Imperial set playing against Imperial 3 (#gottacatchthemall), the score showing that we were much closer in skill level to Imperial 2.

vs. UEA 2: 10 v 3

This felt like a much closer game than the score suggests, with both teams putting in huge efforts and showing lots of athleticism. Will was particularly keen to show off against his old team, doing so with a fab bookend of d and score.

vs. LSE: 5 v 7

We really wanted to retain our 13th seed from the weekend, but we knew it wouldn’t be easy going in. LSE just pipped us to the post with some great iso-play and handler movement, trading points throughout the game before taking a 2-point lead at the end. This was definitely the most spirited game of the weekend, including a hilarious round of stories to finish off the weekend.


We voted May for MIP, Jo for MSP and Will for MVP!! SB 2 came 2nd in the region for spirit achieving the best score in the region for Fouls and Body Contact alongside Essex 2.

Cambridge Ultimate
10:00 - 12:00
Main Practice
Location: announced on mailing list each week, usually
Coldham's Common
Everyone participates at their own risk, please cosider the conditions and general skill level, and play at a safe intensity.

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