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Tournament Reports

SB2 at Womens Indoor Regionals 2017

18.Nov.2017 - 19.Nov.2017

Imperial 1

A fast start to the tournament with a tough match up against Imperial 1. Even though the team did not play together as a full team before, the players quickly gelled and put up a strong man defence against the opponent. The team also learnt a lot from Imperial's solid ISO and end zone play, which was applied later in the game. A few great cuts and continuation by the new players.

Score: 0-10 to Imperial 1


Oxford 1

Our players were undaunted by the top seed of our pool. Taking advantage of how Oxford underestimated the team, Cambridge 2 played a strong ISO and managed to hold an impressive 1-1 score for the first half. Some great ISO plays by Alice and Stella, which led to some good continuation plays from Michelle and Katie. The team also threw a surprise end zone play for the last possession point, where Karla threw a huck to the end zone.

Score: 1-6 to Oxford 1


Portsmouth 1

The pace was slower in this match; however, Cambridge 2 did not let the intensity down and made some smooth ISO plays. The team also reacted well to the zone set up by Portsmouth by making great cuts to open space and safe dumps back to the handlers.

Score: 4-1 to Cambridge 2



This was our closest match of the day, with both teams coming out quite strong for the last game of the day. While playing, Cambridge 2 started developing a great flow of the game and scored several points. However, an LSE player had an injury halfway through the game, which took away vital game time. This led to a draw in the final score, even though Cambridge 2 scored an unofficial point after time was over.

Score: 3-3


Imperial 2

Even though Imperial 2 were seeded lower, Cambridge 2 did not let their guard down and brought intensity into the first game of the day. Imperial 2 scored some quick first points, but Cambridge 2 made a fantastic come back by drawing it to 4-4. The score line reflected how tight the match was, with each team finding it hard to pull away. However, some great cuts in the end zone helped Cambridge 2 score the tense universal point at the end.

Score: 6-5 to Cambridge 2


Reading 1

Knowing how much Reading 1 liked to use hammers, Cambridge 2 developed a successful strategy to stop their hammers and slow down the play by putting up a strong man mark. The team also managed to make their end zone play difficult by setting up a solid wall, as well as break their zone which led to a couple of points.

Score: 6-2 to Reading 1


This game was the 14 vs 15.  Sussex was missing some of its handlers, which led to them finding how to adapt to the new players. Both teams fought hard, leading to a tight match with an eventual loss for SB2 in the end.


This game would be the final one for both teams during the tournament and it would be the competition for the 15thseed. Both teams came in with a positive attitude that resulted in an enjoyable and hard-fought game. Some SB2 plays had great flow, unfortunately, SB2 had a few drops which allowed Brunel to win.

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Everyone participates at their own risk, please cosider the conditions and general skill level, and play at a safe intensity.

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