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Tournament Reports

Strange Blue 2 at MUOOR

1.Mar.2014 - 2.Mar.2014 - Cambridge

We hit MUOOR with a group who while well versed in each others names, were a little hazier on each other's preferred style of ultimate. To combat this we invoked a system of (nearly) two lines, with those on the same college league team mainly playing together. This allowed us to fling ourselves into our first game against Jesters 2, winning convincingly. Our next match, against Fling 1 went on to set our trend of the day, holding seed. While we played well, they played better and their position as one of the top teams present really showed. Our second pair of matches went similarly, we dealt confidently with Coventry and then Haze 1 brought out their height, skills and athleticism to keep us in our place. The long lunch break is often a time when teams start to relax prematurely, but a welcome supply of food and strong sidelining of the other Cambridge teams kept us sharp. We warmed up with a Jurassic park them, featuring rolling the dinosaur egg and swimming away from Icthyosaur before our final match of the day against UBU 2. These were the team that we had previously played in the last two consecutive MUOOR plate finals, this time we were playing for top or bottom half of the rankings. Both teams brought everything to the pitch, but we got a few more points in as our defence was able to bear their persistent offence such that we came out ahead.

The day went well, with lines really clicking together, particularly the Brylanethy handler trio of Bryn, Dylan and Robbie and the continuations of the Djesus line. While several members of the team were of the opinion that we needed to make more of our long game, which received compliments from other teams, its strength was in only being used when definitely on and we did this nicely.

Here, my already poor memory takes a turn for the worse and so I shall speak in broad terms. On Saturday night we had a fine meal at an establishment purveying curry, with much jest and merriment. On Sunday morning our numbers were bolstered by Danny, fresh from Varsity *computer game of some form* to bring us up to two full lines of 7. We played good Ultimate, neither cross-overed to a higher group nor dropped into the plate and thus placed as the highest SB 2 at MUOOR in some years. We broke seed, we enjoyed ourselves and I didn't get thrown into a swimming pool (the condition for which was Div 2 qualification). I believe Finn was MVP, thanks to his never ending ability to get free and stay free then bring down the disc. Things looked promising for Varsity...

Cambridge Ultimate
10:00 - 12:00
Main Practice
Location: announced on mailing list each week, usually
Coldham's Common
Everyone participates at their own risk, please cosider the conditions and general skill level, and play at a safe intensity.

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