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Tournament Reports

SB2 at Womens' Indoor Regionals

19.Nov.2016 - 20.Nov.2016 - Triangle, Burgess Hill

We came to the tournament ranked 16th, with a team of beginners and some more experienced players. We finished the weekend maintaining out seed, with some fantastic play from the new faces, who improved hugely over the two days, and a team that had really gelled.

SB2 vs KCL 1 (0-9)
KCL was a tough team to start against,as we were still fresh as a team. KCL played some very strong defence and up the line cuts which we struggled to shut down. We tried out many different plays to figure out what would work for us (from 3-2 to ISO to vert stack), and although we improved through the game, unfortunately didn’t manage to score a point

SB2 vs Sussex 1 (1-8)
We played vert stack against Sussex, with the beginners picking up the cuts really quickly. Mohawks gave a really strong offense, made us run hard to give a tight D, with Beth scoring us a point

SB2 vs UEA 1 (3-10)
A really enjoyable match from UEA. They had some great throws which really tested our defence, especially in the endzone, but we managed to slow them down and win some points of our own. There were some calls made and resolved quickly, and we really managed to get into the flow of our game, with some great vert stack cuts from Chris and Jessie to secure some points, and a final score as the buzzer went.

SB2 vs Imperial 2 (5-2)
This was our crossover match at the end of the first day. It was a fast paced game with tight D and quick turnovers. We started off a bit slow, conceding some points, but went on to pull ahead with some good handler work and cuts. Some awesome Ds from Shu. The win secured us a place in the 9-16 bracket.


SB2 vs Reading (3-9)
Reading tried their zone on us, which we weren’t expecting and which phased us for a few points. But we really managed to shut it down by the end of the match and exploit some crashes and up the lines to win some points. The beginners adapted really well to the zone defence and the 3-2 cuts we changed to after a couple of points.

SB2 vs St Marys (2-5)
It was not a very fast paced game against St Marys. They threw a zone, but there were a lot of double team calls, and although they were resolved, we couldn’t manage the flow of play we had in previous games. We managed to get a really good handler weave going and managed to secure some points by swinging the disc, but lost points to their overheads which we struggled to defend against.

SB2 vs KCL 2 (4-5)
The game started and the score got to 4-0 to KCL2, but as Becca came to support us with some brilliant side-lining, we made a comeback of 4 points. It was a great match to end the tournament on. Cuts were good and defence was really strong, and the game was fairly evenly matched. Sadly, we gave away possession in the end zone on the last point, just before the buzzer, losing to KCL 2 by one point.

MVP was Beth, MSP was May and MIP was Shu.
Cambridge Ultimate
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Everyone participates at their own risk, please cosider the conditions and general skill level, and play at a safe intensity.

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