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Tournament Reports

SB v Staffordshire BUCS Match

4.Nov.2015 - Churchill College

University Ultimate has had a massive shake-up over the last year, switching to a BUCS League format for the first time ever. As ever the Blues were keen to hit the ground running with a home game against Staffordshire on Wednesday, bringing a full strength team that had mostly just got back from a successful weekend at Mixed Indoor Regionals.

The game started quickly with lots of huge hucks from both teams, but the Blues made sure to intercept opponents' passes more often than they threw the disc away themselves and so the scoreline was quickly 4-3 to the Blues. With some massive flair layouts from ex-captain and GB U23's George Anegg and a handling masterclass from fellow GB U23 Roland Turnell-Ritson the Blues began to crank up the pressure and streak ahead. With the team motto "No heroes" (it's all just a regular day's work for the lads in blue), Staffordshire found it increasingly difficult to block our relentless offence, only really seeing the disc when mistakes were made despite the repeated heroics of James "JR" Richardson.

After a Staffordshire time-out and a flurry of scores half was reached 8-3. An inspired team-talk from captain Jonny Slaughter led to increased focus on zero-turnover offence and higher intensity defence. Staffordshire would be no match for what we had in store for them. Hard man D combined with focus on 100% passes in the second half meant that when Staffordshire finally scored again it was already 14-4 to the Blues, 11 match points in hand.

Highlights included Bryn's no-look Perebryn D, George's unnecessary but incredibly motivational defence, Rolo Turnover-Ritson (he had the most completed passes surprisingly), Ben for accidentally trying to be a hero, JR looking sad and Hayd still not afraid to layout (despite his harrowing experience with a wall at the weekend).

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