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Tournament Reports

Women's BUCS Day 1

9.Nov.2019 - Norwich

15 - 4 against UEA

This was the first time SBW 2019/2020 had a chance to play as a united front against another team. We went out really strong and consistently put in the points, while still learning how to gel with each other. The highlight of the day was seeing a significant number of frisbee freshers on the line, and said freshers got involved on the field with a number of Ds and successful offensive connections. We had some experienced cutters moving into handler positions, joining SB cornerstone handler Rebecca Harwin, again working on establishing a flow in our first game together. It was a good spirited game on a sunny morning, and the whole team was psyched to start the frisbee season for the year.


6 - 7 against Warwick

A lengthy soft cap with UEA left us with 2 minutes between our game against UEA and our game against Warwick. Warwick was coming fresh onto the field, but with a shockingly low amount of subs. The over 2 hours of continuous frisbee got to us, as we lost our lead, and ended up losing on universe. The score of the game reflected the intensity, as we had many 10-15 minute points. We were really on the grind.  Unfortunately the play got progressively messier, and resulted in a loss. However, it was still a great experience for the team to play against a strong team who put in 100%, to prepare us for other tough games which we will face in the future. 1, 2, BLUE!

Cambridge Ultimate
10:00 - 12:00
Main Practice
Location: announced on mailing list each week, usually
Coldham's Common
Everyone participates at their own risk, please cosider the conditions and general skill level, and play at a safe intensity.

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