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Practice Times

Winter 2022/2023

If you want to stay up to date, join our mailing list -- last minute changes to timing and venues do happen.

Sundays - Camdisc Practice and Pickup
10am - 12pm
Coldham's Common*
Expected Skill Level: Any

The big Cambridge practice for everyone, regardless of club affiliation (or lack of). The level is aimed to be useful for anyone who rocks up with some boots and a desire to run, so wander on by (however experienced, or not, you are).
Bring the usual (light & dark t-shirt, disc, water, cleats (if you have them)), and be ready to start the warmup amble around the pitch at 10 on the dot. If you want to throw beforehand turn up earlier!
Followed by pickup from around 11:30am.

*There will usually be an email to Camdisc specifying where the practice will be. Current default is Coldham's Common.

During the summer we run additional weeknight trainings but currently sunset prevents their existence.

While term is on there are also student trainings for the current SB squad.

Everyone participates in practice at their own risk. Please consider the conditions (weather, ground) and play safely.

Cambridge Ultimate
10:00 - 12:00
Main Practice
Location: announced on mailing list each week, usually
Coldham's Common
Everyone participates at their own risk, please cosider the conditions and general skill level, and play at a safe intensity.

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