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Lent 2018 College League round-up


Another great term of Ultimate Frisbee College League! Snowy weather put the schedule a bit off-kilter this term, with several matches towards the beginning of the term in particular having to be postponed. The term culminated in the 4th annual end-of-term Lent Hat tournament which saw 70 players come together for a fun full day of frisbee at which Team C(an’t think of a name) eventually emerged triumphant. We’re looking forward to next term’s league (with hopefully better weather)!

A summary of the term’s results follows:

Div. 1

1 v 2 (Hills Road v Trinity) and 3 v 4 (Homerton v Frisee Rascals) matches yet to take place.

  1. DCU
  2. Churchill & MEdwards

Div. 2

Congrats to New Thundercatz for placing at the top of Div. 2!

Full rankings are:

  1. New Thundercatz
  2. Chrembroke House
  3. ARU Darkside
  4. Corpus
  5. Penguins
  6. Jesus + John's


Congrats to Penguins for winning spirit!

Full rankings are:

  1. Penguins - 3.44
  2. New Thundercatz - 3.33
  3. Trinity - 3.25
  4. DCU - 3.17
  5. Hills Road - 3.08
  6. Corpus Christi - 3.06
  7. ARU Darkside - 2.45
  8. Chrembroke House - 2.44
  9. Frisee Rascals - 1.55
  10. Jesus + John's - 1.21
  11. Churchill & MEdwards - 0.90
  12. Homerton - 0.00

N.B. As outlined in the College League rules, a failure to submit spirit scores was penalised by a score of 0 for that match.

Happy New Year!


We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and welcome back all who have recently returned to Cambridge.

Our Sunday morning practices are still running, open to everyone regardless of experience level. These now take place on Coldham's Common at the same time of 11.00.

The new season of College League is starting, congratulations to Hills Road and Churchill/Medwards who won their respective groups last term.

Later in the term we will be holding Beginners' Sessions, indoors at the West Cambridge University Sports Centre. More details will follow later on our general 'camdisc' mailing list.

All beginners sessions are free to attend.

Drop our captains an email if you have any questions.

To be kept up to date with what's going on in ultimate in Cambridge, make sure to sign up for an account on this website, which will add you to our mailing list.

Beginners' sessions 2017


If you've just arrived in Cambridge, welcome! There are lots of opportunities to pick up and play ultimate here, both in the college league and with the university teams.

At the start of term, Strange Blue (the Cambridge University Ultimate Club) is running Beginners' Sessions open to all (even if you've never heard of Ultimate before).

Sat 7 October -- 2pm-4pm -- Jesus Green
Sun 8 October -- 11am-1pm -- Jesus Green

Wear clothes you can run around in, bring water to drink and also studded boots if you have them.

Male or female, whether you only intend to play casually in College League or want to try out for the University squads, these sessions will help you pick up the basics of the game and learn about our club. If you do have significant experience, make yourself known to the captains at one of these sessions.

Both sessions will be followed by a pub trip so you can get to know everyone!

Later in the week there are two dedicated Women's Beginners' Sessions, one indoors (avoid the weather!) at

Monday 9 October -- 5pm-6pm -- West Cambridge University Sports Centre

and the other outdoors on Jesus Green

Wednesday 11 October -- 4pm-6pm -- Jesus Green

All beginners sessions are free to attend.

Don't worry if you can't attend these sessions but still want to try ultimate -- our Sunday practices are open to all year-round. Drop our captains an email if you have any questions.

The college league features teams from the colleges as well as a couple from local schools and clubs. Representatives from the college league teams should be at most of the college freshers' fairs - these will take place towards the start of Freshers' week. The contact for your team can be found on our college league teams page.

To be kept up to date with what's going on in ultimate in Cambridge, make sure to sign up for an account on this website, which will add you to our mailing list.

Welcome and Beginners' Sessions


Firstly, a big welcome to all those who've just arrived in Cambridge. If you're looking to pick up ultimate as a sport, read on!

At the start of term, Strange Blue (the Cambridge University Ultimate Club) is running Beginners' Sessions open to all.

Sat 8 October -- 2pm-4pm -- Jesus Green
Sun 9 October -- 11am-1pm -- Jesus Green

Wear clothes you can run around in, water to drink and studded boots if you have them.

Male or female, whether you only intend to play casually in College League or want to try out for the University squads, you should attend to pick up the basics of the game and learn about our club.

Later in the week there is a dedicated Women's Beginners' Session indoors (avoid the weather!) at

Monday 10 October -- 5pm-6pm -- West Cambridge University Sports Centre

All beginners sessions are free, and open to everyone including those who have never heard of ultimate. (If you do have significant experience, make yourself known to the captains.)

Don't worry if you can't attend these sessions but still want to try ultimate -- our Sunday practices are open to all year-round. Drop our captains an email if you have any questions. You should also look up your college team.

To be kept up to date with what's going on in ultimate in Cambridge, make sure to sign up for an account on this website, which will add you to our mailing list.

Varsity 2016 at Oxford


The club returned from a series of hard-fought Varsity matches in Oxford this weekend.

Men's 2nds: WON
Women's 2nds: WON
Men's 1sts: lost :(
Women's 1sts: WON

Alumni: lost :(
Men's 2nds: WON
Men's 1sts: lost :(
Women's 1sts: lost :(

Though 4-4 overall, unfortunately the car door and chair were surrendered to the Oxford lot for this year as they are based on the outdoors results (we did retain the precious car tire). We'll earn 'em back next year!

A more thorough report with scores will follow soon.

Mixed Regionals and Mens BUCS match success


On the weekend of October 31st/November 1st the Strange Blue 1 team arrived at Uni Mixed Indoor Regionals seeded third. Two days later, we'd conquered all to take 1st place and secure not only a pretty swish trophy, but also a spot at Division 1 mixed indoor nationals later in November. Read more at our ELUXIR tournament report. Our 2nd team finished a creditable 8th, above all other 2nd teams and many 1st teams there.

On Wednesday 4th November, the Mens squad played in our first BUCS league match -- a rainy afternoon on Churchill pitches facing Staffordshire. The start of the match saw the teams trade points, but our depth and calm against their zone paid off and SB finished comfortable 15-4 winners. Match report here.

In club news, open to all Sunday practices on Coldham's Common continue -- make an account on this website and subscribe to our mailing list to join in. This year's order of Strange Blue kit is also in preparation -- contact the club secretary with any questions.

Student season begins


Thanks to those who attended the beginners sessions, hope you enjoyed them. If you are interested in continuing, please sign up to our mailing list, camdisc, using your account on this website. If you missed out on the beginners sessions, don't worry, there are still lots of opportunities to join ultimate here Cambridge.

College league begins this weekend, find your team here. If that's not enough ultimate for you, come along to Sunday practice (open to all), from 11am-1pm, on Jesus Green.

This year's men's and women's BUCS student squads are beginning closed trainings together. If you want to be involved, contact the captains.

If you have any trouble signing up to our mailing lists, contact our webmaster.

Welcome and Beginners' Sessions


Firstly, a big welcome to all those who've just arrived in Cambridge. If you're looking to pick up ultimate as a sport, read on!

This weekend Strange Blue (the Cambridge University Ultimate Club) is running Beginners' Sessions open to all.

Sat 10 October -- 2pm-4pm -- Jesus Green
Sun 11 October -- 11am-1pm -- Jesus Green

Wear clothes you can run around in, water to drink and studded boots if you have them.

Male or female, whether you only intend to play casually in College League or want to try out for the University squads, you should attend to pick up the basics of the game and learn about our club.

There is also a dedicated Women's Beginners' Session indoors (avoid the weather!) at

Fri 9 October -- 9pm-10pm -- West Cambridge University Sports Centre

All beginners sessions are free, and open to everyone including those who have never heard of ultimate. (If you do have significant experience, make yourself known to the captains.)

Don't worry if you can't attend these sessions but still want to try ultimate -- our Sunday practices are open to all year-round. Drop our captains an email if you have any questions. You should also look up your college team.

To be kept up to date with what's going on in ultimate in Cambridge, make sure to sign up for an account on this website, which will add you to our mailing list.

Lent 2015 wrap-up


Lent term is notoriously busy for Uni Ultimate players and this year was no different. Trainings were attended, tournaments were won, Oxford was beat, injuries were suffered, banter was exchanged.

Let's start with College League.
Jesus beat Penguins in a close final to take Lent league. Congratulations. Instead of the traditional cuppers tournament at the end of term, CLUDO Sam Mouat organised the inaugural Hat tournament for college league players. 45 players signed up individually and were divided into 5 teams at random. Team 'Dragon' took the title. Cuppers will be back at the end of Easter term.

Moving on to the Uni teams.
Right at the start of term, the SB Open squad was looking to build chemistry early at Winter League in London. This seems to have paid off as the Open Firsts have a flawless run in the outdoor season so far. At Varsity, the Cambridge vs. Oxford battle ended tied at 4-4, with Cambridge taking all four Open games while Oxford won the three Women's and the alumni game. The three-pint-challenge title remained unclaimed. We will be back in Oxford next year seeking to take all the various trophies back to Cambridge. A week after Varsity, we hosted Regionals for 17 open and 6 women's teams. There were four bids to nationals on the line for the open teams while they women did not have to reach a particular place to qualify for nationals. SB Women only narrowly lost to the strong Sussex team in their final game to finish 4th. SB Open 1 cruised through the weekend with a 70-4 goal record overall. SB2 finished 7th after taking down nationals contender Brunel. They will be in the discussion for nationals next year. SB3 was ranked better than any (non-SB) second team at 12th. SB Mixed has just returned from mixed nationals and took an impressive 6th place. Now the students are impatiently waiting for the big show, the grand finale, the epic climax of the uni season - Open and Women's Nationals, which will be in Nottingham at the end of April and will include the Alumni Cup. Strange Blue will likely be represented in all three divisions.

Let's talk CUlt.

Next up: GB. I am very pleased to see a large group of Cambridge-based players in strong contention for the GB senior and U23 teams. Although rosters haven't been finalised, it is fair to say we have again proved that Cambridge is a powerhouse in the UK Ultimate scene when it comes to both numbers and top-end talent.

Happy Easter! See you next term,
George (President)

Michaelmas 2014 wrapup


Michaelmas term has just ended and the students are about to go back home for Christmas. Here's a short summary of what happened in the last 8 weeks, in reverse chronological order.

ARU's Darkside took Indoor Cuppers with a nail-biting 6-5 win over Jesus. ARU also won the Michaelmas League to complete a mini-double. Congratulations to them and thanks to CLUDO Sam Mouat for a fantastic event.

At Men's (formerly Open) Div 1 Indoor Nationals, the squad couldn't quite continue last year's streak but reached a convincing 5th place under the captaincy of Chris Barnes and Rolo Turnell-Ritson.

SB Women's captain Helen Hambling took two teams to Regionals which ended up taking 9th and 17th, respectively. Certainly a lot of promise and the potential to upset some strong teams in the future.

Mixed Regionals saw the first team narrowly missing out on qualifying for Nationals with a 7th place finish. I'm sure Captains Charlie Daffern and James Richardson will be looking to replicate CUlt Mixed's success in the outdoor season.

The new regional system (for Men's and Women's division, Cambridge is now in the 'East&London' region) could not end the regionals dominance of the Open team though - it was the third straight win at open indoor regionals. SB2 performed very well and took 8th, making it the highest-ranked second team in the region.

It is worth mentioning that across all teams and divisions, our student teams were consistenly in the top third of the spirit rankings, with the Open second team even winning with an outstanding score of 14.40.

To demonstrate the results of our summer training, we ran a friendly Powerifting competiton which Matt Hogsden won very decisively, including a 155kg deadlift at only 72kg bodyweight.

At the start of term, we were well-represented at the Societies' Fair (this time with a much better spot next to the boat club) and held the traditional beginners' session each of which had a smashing turnout of over 50 freshers.

Finally, just before the start of term, CUlt Open went to Frankfurt to compete in the European Club Championships. Despite only managing to get 20th place, beating several highly ranked teams and getting second place in Spirit was the icing on the cake of a spectacular Open season, lead by captain Chris Tull.

Happy Holidays! I can't wait for 2015.
George (President)

Welcome and Beginners' Sessions


Firstly, a big welcome to all those who've just arrived in Cambridge. If you're looking to pick up ultimate as a sport, read on!

This weekend Strange Blue (the Cambridge University Ultimate Club) is running Beginners' Sessions open to all.

Sat 11 October -- 2pm-4pm -- Jesus Green
Sun 12 October -- 11am-1pm -- Parker's Piece

Wear clothes you can run around in, water to drink and studded boots if you have them.

Male or female, whether you only intend to play casually in College League or want to try out for the University squads, you should attend to pick up the basics of the game and learn about our club.

Later in the week there is a dedicated Women's Beginners' Session indoors (avoid the weather!) at

Tue 14 October -- 5pm-6pm -- West Cambridge University Sports Centre

All beginners sessions are free, and open to everyone including those who have never heard of ultimate. (If you do have significant experience, make yourself known to the captains.)

Don't worry if you can't attend these sessions but still want to try ultimate -- our Sunday practices are open to all year-round. Drop our captains an email if you have any questions. You should also look up your college team.

To be kept up to date with what's going on in ultimate in Cambridge, make sure to sign up for an account on this website, which will add you to our mailing list.

Easter and Summer 2014 wrap-up


As it turned out, this has been the most successful season for the club in recent memory -- by a significant margin. I could talk for paragraphs about each one of our wins this season but for your sakes I'll keep it to a few sentences each. Do go online, read the tournament reports [1], and be proud of what we accomplished this year. We blew up huge, everyone.


Some awful luck took the mixed squad down to 4 women in the days before UMON, but we turned up anyway. We started the tournament slow, ending up in the only bracket without a trophy at the top of it (people above and below us got prizes ...) after a few mediocre games. Of course it was all just a ploy to face the old enemy (Oxford), having had no mixed varsity match. We suddenly stepped up our game -- despite having only 3.5 women at this point -- blew them away and finished by claiming 25th winning our bracket [2]. Huge kudos to the women who iron-manned the entire tournament and still kept beating the opposition.

Then, the big show.
At open nationals, open squad only went and won it all. Double national champions baby! Indoors and Outdoors!
Despite not quite winning regionals, and losing a couple of players to injury, the Open squad rocked up to Manchester and absolutely dominated the division. Absolutely the best I've ever seen SB play. Won every game by at least four points, never in a losing position, didn't concede more than two breaks in a game. A truly incredible weekend -- relive the glory with George's report. [3]

In the largest UWON ever, the women's squad was severely let down by some truly strange seeding, with two of the eventual top 6 teams in their pool forcing them into the lower bracket. Nevertheless, the women fought hard on the Sunday to claim 23rd place.

The alumni had an entertaining weekend, possibly enjoying their time laughing on the sidelines and heckling each other more than the actual ultimate. Nevertheless they only narrowly missed out on the final, finishing 4th. Read Mike's excellent report online [4].

That wrapped up the student season -- truly one to remember. So many trophies. The end of season party was wild.


The Mixed Worlds squad, as expected, dominated Mixed Tour with only Bear Cavalry proving tough to beat, and comfortably placed 2nd overall. Cambridge Ultimate had enough depth to send two more squads to MT, with Cambridge 2 soaring through the seedings and finishing 19th.

Open Tour went swimmingly as well with the first squad comfortably reclaiming their A-tour spot at the first opportunity. Overall CUlt 1 finished 10th and CUlt 2, 43rd. Tull's reports are on the website. And even better, our friends in Punt ended up winning Women's Tour.

Open Regionals saw us represented by a smaller-than-desired team (with Worlds the next weekend) that ended up just missing out on qualifying. Another team dropping out gave us a second chance however and a more complete Cambridge Ultimate squad had an absolute stormer at Nationals, finishing 6th and qualifying for EUCF. Somewhat unexpected, and by a significant margin our best ever finish at Nationals. After some scrambling we were able to roster a squad in time to be allowed to attend Euros.

Cambridge Ultimate Open makes its first international appearance in Frankfurt on 3-5 Oct. Go get 'em!

Meanwhile, the mixed Worlds squad was only placing 6th at WUCC in Lecco, Italy. Only the best mixed team in the world outside of North America. No big deal. (It was a huge deal. Large parts of Cambridge came to a standstill when CUlt were on the Skyd livestream. The Twittersphere was abuzz. SB got a shoutout from the commentators. It was all happening.)

So, just after our most successful student season we followed it up with our most successful club season. What a year. By a (somewhat arbitrary) ranking system, Cambridge Ultimate was the 2ND BEST OUTDOOR CLUB in the country this year. Beaten only by Clapham. Well, there's the target for next year.


Easter College league saw Churchill continue their good form, beating Trinity to the title. On a beautiful sunny summer's day, future SB captain Rolo lead Churchill to the Summer Cuppers title as well. Can anyone beat these guys next year? We'll see. In any case, James Richardson was still not pleased.


The AGM saw a new committee elected (I'm not president, hah) and our Annual Dinner in Pembroke was both well-attended and a very merry occasion. Lots of trophies to drink out of, after all.

We've also been involved in discussions about changes in University ultimate, specifically with the regions being redrawn (we're now with London), women's outdoor regionals being introduced (we're for this) and proposals to change Open into a league structure (we're against this). And of course with a new student season comes recruitment, we'll be at the Societies Fair in Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall on 7-8 Oct, and will be having plenty of beginners sessions in the weeks following. All experienced help welcome.

EUCF is the next upcoming big event, followed by the student indoor season. It's gonna be good.

The new student captains are:
Open: Chris Barnes and Roland Turnell-Ritson
Womens: Helen Hambling
Mixed: James Richardson and Charlie Daffern

The next summary will be at the end of the calendar year from our new president George Anegg. Hope you've enjoyed reading them, and do keep in touch wherever you are.

2013-14 Club President

Ultimate in Cambridge: Lent 2014 wrap-up


This, our second termly summary, is intended to allow our alumni to hear about the club's successes and important alumni events without the noise of camdisc.

If you're a SB or CUlt former player, and not able to play with us day-to-day but still interested in the high-level progress of the club, login to your account on and subscribe to the ultimate-alumni mailing list.

Firstly, important events coming up for alumni:

Uni Nationals and Alumni Cup: 26th/27th April, Manchester
Mike Fletcher is running the Alumni Cup squad for Cambridge University alumni. Signups still open [1]!
AGM -- end of Easter term. Elect a new committee and discuss the direction of the club.
Annual Dinner -- anyone who wants to is welcome to attend. Details will be announced by the Social Secretary.


After last term's successes indoors, there's been a lot of anticipation for what the open student squad can achieve outdoors. Competition at trials for places on the squad was fierce.

Despite SB entering several of them, poor weather didn't allow us to actually attend any London Winter Leagues (no-one was really surprised). Our warmup eventually came in the format of the Haze Invitational, a one-day tournament with Midlands uni and club teams. We were narrowly beat by Haze in a slow start to the day, before giving EMO quite a challenge and ending strongly by beating Jesters and JR.

Two weeks later was Midlands Uni Open Outdoor Regionals, hosted in Cambridge. SB1 rolled through the first day, including a victory over Oxford OW, won our second day semifinal against Nottingham Fling but couldn't quite overcome Warwick Bears in the final. Qualification for Div I nationals was achieved though, and we're still looking to win it all. Report: [2]

SB2 had a great tournament and ended 10th of 24 teams, the highest an SB2 team has placed for many years. Report: [3]

We also had a third team, composed mostly of our women's squad, who got some valuable tournament experience before ...

The hugely important day that was VARSITY! 7 matches were held on the day: Open 2nds Indoors (W), Open 1sts Indoors (L), Womens Indoors (L), Alumni Outdoors (L), Open 2nds Outdoors (L), Womens Outdoors (L), Open 1sts Outdoors (W).

With the Open 1sts indoors and Alumni outdoors going down to sudden death, and some great ultimate on show in all the matches, it was a great day out. The Open 1sts outdoors match in particular had some of the best ultimate SB has played all season. Reports are online: [4] [5].


The guys and gals heading to the World Ultimate Club Championships in August as Cambridge Ultimate mixed have been training hard after being selected at the start of the year. The squad divided in two for Mixed Tour 1 and placed 3rd and 5th -- not bad considering this isn't even their final form! Those not on the worlds squad weren't left out, Cambridge send an additional two teams who both broke seed and placed 30th and 46th. Four strong teams from one club impressed pretty much everyone.

Meanwhile CUlt Open practices have been progressing well, with a great turnout and two strong teams expected at Open Tour 1.


College league was as exciting as ever with Homerton beating Churchill Chillies at the top end of the league. As a brand new event this year, we held an Indoor Cuppers in the new West Cambridge Sports Centre. It was a really great day out. Several teams learned that indoors is actually quite different from outdoors as Penguins won overall, Chrembroke won Plate and Downing 1&2 shared spirit. Report: [6]

Not much off-pitch news this term. We are looking forward to our AGM and Annual Dinner at the end of Easter term.

Next term starts off with Student Nationals, the end of Mixed Tour and the beginning of Open Tour. It's gonna be good!


SB1 at Varsity 2014


After a complete failure to organize a good game of contact on the coach (cmon guys), we arrived at Oxford a bit sleepy but marvelling at the great weather. Also the crazy facts that 1) Oxford Ultimate makes it into their official list of Varsity matches and 2) according to said list we apparently beat them 113-62 or something last year.


SB1 at MUOOR 2014


Strange Blue 1 place second at Midlands Uni Open Outdoor Regionals 2014 in Cambridge.

SB1 started the tournament seeded 2nd (behind uBu :P), in a pool of 6 including Oxford, ARU and Oxford Brookes. Clearly someone wanted practice for Varsity. Games were very short so we knew we had to play well from the start of each match.


SB2 at MUOOR and Varsity 2014

Strange Blue who? Strange Blue Two! at MUOOR 2014 and Varsity 2014.

SB Alumni at Varsity 2014

The alumni have a great time and take the OW alumni to sudden death on a nice sunny day in Oxford.

Indoor Cuppers 2014

Our very first Indoor Cuppers, at the new West Cambridge Sports Centre!

Michelmas 2013 Round Up


Freshers' week saw our introductory practices very well attended with more than one hundred people introduced to the sport. College league organizer Robbie Abernethy held a very successful mini tournament midway through term, won by Trinity.

Uni Open Indoor Regionals in St Albans saw SB win, again. Captains James Richardson and George Anegg led a small but experienced squad to victory over uBu in a rematch of last year's regionals final. That's now two years undefeated in the region indoors -- we may have to change our story that SB hates indoors ...

The following week, the SB women led by Fran Kundel and Aimee Hall took an even smaller squad to their Indoor Regionals and battled hard to take 4th and a Nationals qualification spot.

Mixed Indoor Regionals saw SB send two teams -- run by mixed captains Jacob Lever and Chris de Leeuwe -- to Oakham where the 1sts came back with the plate. Well done for what was most of the players' first tournament!

Uni Open Indoor Nationals saw SB play some incredible games against tough opposition to win it all! BUCS points, medals, and silverware. Our first big trophy in a while -- a great start to the season! The celebrations were ... pretty crazy.

Finally, Uni Women's Indoor Nationals -- to be a BUCS event from next year -- saw 5 SB freshers go to their first Nationals. Some strong performances saw SB come away with the spoon -- wooop!

Full tournament reports are on the website.

Things are looking good for the student outdoor season. Open squad trials have already been held and competition for the first team places is intense.

On the club side of things, after a strong performance at xEUCF, the CUlt mixed squad led by Nick Wong has begun preparation for Worlds, with official trials happening in January. Alongside him, Open Captain Chris Tull is building a squad to reclaim CUlt's A-tour spot. For the first time this year, CUlt also entered Club Indoor Regionals -- I hear a fun time was had by all as they placed 8th.

In College League, Churchill completed the Michaelmas League and Winter Cuppers double. Winter Cuppers in particular was played in very strong winds and blinding rain -- some very impressive handling from the top teams. ChrEmBroke won spirit for both the League and Cuppers.

In news off the pitch, the social scene has been lively with social secretary Sam Mouat organising a hilarious RPG pub crawl and a very well attended Christmas Dinner at Churchill College.
Strange Blue also featured in a couple of The Cambridge Student (TCS) newspaper articles. The new West Cambridge Uni sports centre is completed, and we're moving most of our indoors training there next year. The University Sports Review Committee has also finished its report on the organization of sports in Cambridge and made several recommendations that would benefit SB, including us finally being an official university sports club.

Next term we look forward to Varsity, Uni Regionals, Uni Nationals, the Alumni Cup, and Mixed Tour. Hope to see some of you there.

SB wins Open Indoor Nationals 2013


Apologies for the length, but when it's an epic weekend, it deserves an epic report.

It was a cold Saturday morning, and the mist threaded its way through Cambridge like Lionel Messi through the Aston Villa defence. If one was to happen to make their way past Churchill College at this time, they would have come across 7 fine figures of men...and George. George had a sprained toe. It's a thing, Google says so apparently.

They were future champions, ready to fulfil their destiny.

If only the bloody bus would turn up.

Half an hour later, Dom greeted us with a cheeky smile and mumblings of sleeping through 3 alarms, but the lipstick stains said otherwise...


Uni Mixed Indoor Regionals 2013


Day 1

After much late night panicking and planning we managed to get everyone to the train station complete with sleeping bags. We got on the train and arrived in Oakham ready to go out and destroy our seeding in Midlands University Mixed Indoor Regionals (MUMIR) 2013.

SB1 8 - 7 Lincoln (group match)

We came out very strong and got in an early lead. They then turned their D on and...


Uni Womens Indoor Regionals 2013


MUWIR got off to an excellent start when all 7 of us successfully found our way to the station in good time for the 6.08 train, with the only hiccup being some small misunderstandings with the ticket barriers. We spread out across two tables and prepped for the upcoming tournament in ways ranging from sleeping to supervision work, plus some discussion of various rules.

Upon arrival, we oh so patiently waited for the venue's cafe to open so everyone could get their caffeine fix, with Fran first in line, naturally!

Our first game of the day against Jesters...


Uni Open Indoor Regionals 2013


The preview for MUIOR said “Cambridge could well cruise through the weekend and sweep all before them.” which turned out not to be far from the truth…

The Strange Blue squad consisted of the captains George and James, and – also returning from last year’s 1st team – Dom,Tom,Rolo,Tejas, and – just having started their graduate courses – Alex Jones and CUlt Open captain Chris Tull, and – last but not least – two new faces: American superstars Justin Norden and Ben Funk.
With this incredibly experienced and athletic squad we set out to repeat last year’s victory at regionals, coming in from 3rd seed...


Freshers' Events


Keen to learn more and see the game for yourself? Come along to one of our beginners' sessions!
Both men and women welcome. Just turn up at the times below wearing clothes you can run around in, and bring some water and studded boots if you have them.
2-4pm Saturday 12th October, Jesus Green
11am - 1pm Sunday 13th October, Jesus Green

We also hold separate women's practices throughout the year which are open to all, starting with the (warm and dry!) indoors session below. The Kelsey Kerridge Centre charges a £1.20 entry fee.
8-9pm Monday 14th October, Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall


Nationals, Tours and More


In the last couple of months we've come to the end of what has been a very exciting student outdoor season. At the end of April, both the open and women's student squads sent teams to Nationals in Nottingham. The open squad finished 9th (out of 16) and won the plate. Despite having a small team the ladies managed a respectable 11th place (out of 25). To read more about what happened, click here .

Mixed nationals, could have been great but unfortunately we couldn't send a team due to the last minute relocation as a result of bad in Durham. Let's hope next year goes more smoothly!

Meanwhile the CUlt Mixed squad have had a very exciting season in Club Mixed Tours 1-3. CUlt 1 finished in 2nd place (behind RGS). CUlt 2 also put in an excellent performance but suffering somewhat from bad seeding finished in 34th place. Good luck to the team at upcoming Regionals and Nationals.

The beginning of June saw the start of the club open tour season, with CUlt finishing in 18th place.

Finally to conclude the student year, we had our AGM earlier this week. Thanks to Tejas who ensured the smooth running of the evening. If you'd like to read the full minutes of the meeting, they can be found here . The exec committee were elected as follows:

President- Tejas Guruswamy (one more year!)
Secretary- Dom Dathan
Junior Treasurer- Tom Anthony
Senior Treasurer- Chris Sandbrook
Webmaster- Jacob Lever
Social Secretary- Sam Mouat
CLUDO- Robbie Abernethy
Town Representative- Nick Skliar-Davies
Outreach/ NTCLUDO- Sam Turner
Women's Recruitment Officer- RON

The captains for next year were announced as follows:
SB open- George Anegg and James Richardson
SB women's- TBC
SB mixed- Chris de Leeuwe and Jacob Lever
CUlt open- Chris Tull
CUlt mixed- Nick Wong

A huge thank you to the outgoing committee for all their hard work and dedication all year. Congratulations and welcome to the new committee. Here's to another fantastic year of ultimate!

Lent Term Round Up


Well SB, it's been a truly fantastic term.

The end of February saw the ever anticipated Varsity. On home territory, we were feeling confident. First, indoors. All our teams won, with the seconds dominating their game, and the ladies pulling it out of the bag in a nail-biting final point.

Then, outdoors. First: the clash of the titans, a faceoff between old enemies: the alumni match. A gripping match, with both teams fielding some excellent players. A good show with Oxford taking it home in the end. This was followed by the seconds' match. Despite a valiant effort, and some inspiring support from the sideline- ( incl. my favourite - "Gimme a D! (D!) Gimme a D! (D!) Gimme a D! (D!) What does it spell? DDDDDDDD!") we conceded. In the women's match, the strong Cambridge team could not be beat. Finally the firsts' match, for the coveted car door. Tension was in the air. Banter flew back and forth. Both teams wanted it, and judging from indoors scores it was going to be tight. And it was. The teams exchanged points until Cambridge with a massive effort pushed ahead by a few points.

Then (because Oxford are a lovely bunch really) we all went to the pub.

The final results were:
Open 2nds: SB 9-3 OW
Women: SB 10-9 OW
Open 1sts: SB 8-7 OW

Alumni: SB 12-14 OW
Open 2nds: SB 12-14 OW
Womens: SB 15-8 OW
Open 1sts: SB 15-12 OW

3 weeks later...
What can I say? We blew up HUGE. SB1 took the cup, qualifying for Nationals, and SB2 took the plate. If you want to know more, check out the tournament reports. Thanks for a huge effort from the committee for making this happen in Cambridge for the second year in a row, and to Geo and Gonzo our TDs for keeping things running smoothly all weekend.

Finally, some thought it would never happen... Winter Cuppers. Even the weather (in a somewhat schizophrenic manner) gave us some snow to make us believe it was December and not March. A smashing day, fun had by all. Thanks Kris Cao, TD, for running around like a headless chicken all day.

So to conclude: a pat on the back to everyone who has put such gargantuan effort into ultimate in Cambridge this term, bringing intensity to every morning, astro and Sunday practice. It pays off - we've now got a car door, a chair, and a bunch of silverware to prove it. A special shout to the captains who put so much thought into organising and running every practice.

October 2012 - Beginners Practices


Welcome back to all returning students; and to all you freshers, simply welcome! Please come along to our beginners' sessions this weekend to see what it's all about: 2 - 4 pm on Saturday 6th and 11 am - 1 pm on Sunday 7th, both on Jesus Green. Any experienced players, do come too and lend a hand.

For the latest information on practices and tournaments, check out our new calendar!

Summer 2012


Term may be out for students, but the last few months have been a busy time for newly re-branded open club team Cambridge Ultimate (CUlt).

The end of May saw CUlt's début appearance in Open Tour 1. CUlt 1 finished in 14th place after winning four matches and conceding two, including a tight sudden death match against Fire 1. CUlt 2 fought valiantly but finished in 62nd place.

In June, Tour 2 gave CUlt a chance to flex its newly found muscles. CUlt 1 climbed 3 places finishing in 11th place, while CUlt 2 climbed an astounding 19 places to finish in 43rd place.

Then in July despite a hard first day in Manchester at Tour 3, CUlt 1 bounced back to bring them to 9th place. CUlt 2 also had a tough first day but battled onwards to win their last two matches bringing them to 49th place. In the final ranking, where results from non-UK and GB teams that are not playing all three events are removed, CUlt finished firmly in A-tour in 7th place and CUlt 2 in 46th place.

This weekend saw CUlt go to Regionals. CUlt 2 finished 8th; CUlt 1 finished 2nd after a fierce final against Emo 1, thereby qualifying for Nationals later this month and simultaneously winning SOTG.

Easter 2012


So the website is back up! Hooray!

After hosting two(!) successful tournaments on consecutive weekends (without the website!) there are now many documents on the Strange Blue Blog on how to bid for, arrange and host a tournament. There are also some more player related articles.


With Student Nationals coming up the student season is drawing to a close, making room for the club season! As such there are now Open Tour Practices on Jesus Green every Tuesday at 5.30pm, as well as the SB traditional Sunday Practice. Be sure to bring a light and dark top, water and a disc.

Keeping up-to-date with SB

Finally to keep abreast of everything Strange Blue there is now a new Facebook page and also the Twitter account (@strangeblueulti).

February 2012

Hello Strange Blue!

There are many exciting things happening this term with the CUUC, including hosting two tournaments! More below.

Cambridge Ultimate hosts MUOOR and UMON 2012

We have very excitingly been awarded MUOOR (March 10-11th) and UMON (March 17-18th), which will take place at Coldham's Common, (y'know.. near that place we have Astro every Friday).


All the practice times, places etc. should be up to date on the Practice Times page!

Particularly interesting this term are Rob's shiny new throwing sessions!

Rob's Shiny New Throwing Sessions

These are every Tuesday and Friday at 7.10am on Jesus Green and should last an hour (I like making things bold).

For the first couple of sessions at least they will be doing the Kung Fu Throwing (man that sounds totally ninja) drills with the primary aim of building muscle memory and extending your range of throwing.

After that they may well mix it up with some of Wiggens' zen throwing exercises with the focus on fewer throws but perfect completion.

Logistics of Rob's shiny new throwing sessions:

This session runs best with even numbers so everyone has a partner. As such we will have a spreadsheet to sign up for each session. If you are an odd number sign up (e.g. 7) then it is your responsibility to check back to see if another person makes it evens (8), and then ensure you attend. But be sensible and if you are signing up as say number 12 at midnight the night before the session, then make sure the number 11 person knows (ring them), as it is pretty late to expect them to check their emails.

Also everyone bring a disc, water, and warm clothes, as it is frikken freezing at the moment. I advise a glove for your non throwing hand, a hat and long sleeved tops to keep your wrists as warm as possible.

Sign up HERE.

January 2012

News for the start of 2012:

Cambridge Ultimate hosts MUOOR and UMON 2012

We have very excitingly been awarded MUOOR (March 10th-11th) and UMON (March 17th-18th), which will take place at Coldham's Common - watch this space for more news.


Open (6pm at Abbey Pools) and Women (7pm at the Cass Centre) astro practices both restart Friday 20th Jan.

For the ladies, in further exciting news, Women's Indoors will restart Thursday 19th January.

Open Students

For those students intending to play Open Outdoors this year, there will be a trial for all those interested.

This will take place on Sunday 22nd January on JG, in parallel to the standard Sunday practice. Sam and Adam have asked that you sign up at here if you're planning to attend.

Mixed ultimate for 2012

Cap'n Gonzo is asking for details about your commitment so he can plan the world of mixed Cambridge ultimate in 2012 - fill out the form here!

Open Tour

Nimble, our esteemed OT captain, would like to invite you to a meeting about it - Wednesday 18th January, 2000 at the Maypole.

From Nimble:
As busy people I don't think we in Cambridge throw enough, as such I have put together a simple spreadsheet where people can announce their intentions to throw and others can therefore come along and join them.

Remember when you're throwing to vary the distance and direction of your throws and to pivot as you would in a game!

You can use this spreadsheet for fitness so people also know what's going on on that front and can join in those sessions too.

November 2011

What's happening in November:

Saturday Practices

Saturday Practices have now moved to Friday Nights at Abbey Pools Astro.

  • Fridays 18.00 - 20.00
These practices will be focused at beginning the preparation for the major tournaments of the student open calendar next term. It is absolutely NOT the idea to close these practices off to experienced players only, but it is expected that those coming along will have already attended Saturday or Sunday practices this term. As attendance is limited, should you wish to come along, please email either Sam (sdt37) or Adam (ajm269) beforehand. Experienced townies are welcome to come along, but note that priority will be given to students.

Open Practice

From Nimble:
As busy people I don't think we in Cambridge throw enough, as such I have put together a simple spreadsheet where people can announce their intentions to throw and others can therefore come along and join them.

Remember when you're throwing to vary the distance and direction of your throws and to pivot as you would in a game!

You can use this spreadsheet for fitness so people also know what's going on on that front and can join in those sessions too.

Mixed Outdoors Practice - Saturday 26th November

There will be a one off mixed practice held on Jesus Green at 12:00 - 15:00.

This practice will be for anyone interested in playing UMON, Mixed Tour or both. These practices will become more regular next term. The aim is to develop a Strange Blue mixed team and coming to these practices indicates your commitment to play mixed for either the university or the club. If you can't make this practice but intend to play mixed with SB this year, please email Nick.

Strange Blue Christmas Dinner - Wednesday November 30th

Come join your fellow frisbee-ers for some holiday cheer!

From Ben:
We'll start with festive pre-dinner drinks at my place around 6:30. I'm hoping to rustle up some eggnog, rum, spiced apple cider, and perhaps a spot of mulled wine. I'll do the drinks -- you can bring the snacks.

After that, we'll walk across the street to Zizzi's for dinner. Then, pub!

Please RSVP if you can so that we can get an accurate reservation.

SB are redesigning their kit!

This year SB are looking to redesign their kit. More information can be found at the SB Blog, including a link to a Google Form where you can express your opinions about the new kit.

If you have any designs you'd like to send in, send them into Chris! They don't need to be vectorised or spectacularised - we're happy to accept anything on Paint or even just a text description. There have currently been some nice designs from Veronika focussed mainly on the tribally/spikey aspect as seen on the discs, and an idea from Fatty of having Cambridge's silhouetted skyline overlooked by an aurora borealis-esque SB logo. Go mad, it's sublimated. Remember the financial incentives (i.e. one of the shirts free for the designer of the kit we use)!

The Future of Strange Blue Open Tour

SB is currently looking to make the Open Tour team more visible to people from outside the university. It has been proposed that the SB Open Tour Team take a new name. You can read all about it here.

The Strange Blue Blog

As you may well have noticed by now, SB has a blog! It is here, and will be kept up to date with various announcements concerning the club.

October 2011

Strange Blue's plans for October:

Saturday practices - Jesus Green

  • Saturdays (Until November) 14:00 - 16:00

All skill levels are welcome, and we particularly encourage freshers and students who haven't yet played with Strange Blue to come along. This practice is focused mainly towards developing student talent to play in future university tournaments, but we welcome any non-students who might also wish to play. Women are welcome, but these sessions will most likely to be made up mostly of XY chromosomes, as are most Open tournaments.

Don't forget there are many other practices going on week-to-week, so check out the Practice Times page for more information!

Lock House Rubik's Party - Lock House

  • Friday 14th from 10pm(ish)

White, blue yellow, orange, red, green. Come dressed in a mix of colours; leave all in one.

Also, sobriety is highly discouraged. This is the first big party of the fall term, so kindly bring the ruckous.

Freshers' Week

Strange Blue's plans for Fresher's Week:

Beginners' Sessions - Jesus Green

  • Saturday 08 Oct, 14:00 - 16:00
  • Sunday 09 Oct, 11:00 - 13:00

Turn up and learn some of the basics of Ultimate. Bring some water and good shoes (boots if you have them). Includes a short exhibition game to give everyone an idea of what Ultimate is about! Everyone of all experience welcome, men and women.

Freshers' Curry - The Maharajah

  • Sunday 09 Oct, 19.30

The annual Freshers' Curry will be taking place this Sunday at The Maharajah on Castle Street (Click to see map). Everyone is welcome to attend. If you can, e-mail Ben Rudick to say that you'd like to come, otherwise don't worry and just turn up. See you all there!

SB2 at Open Regionals

Coburn Gets his Revenge and other stories from SB2 at Open Regionals

Open Tour 2 - SB2

Crushing Small Children and other tales... from Strange Blue 2 at Open Tour 2.


Open Tour 1 - SB2

Hey All

This is the tournament report you've all (by all I mean 13 of you) been waiting for. As I am from DCU, this will, unfortunately for some, be a DCU-length email. Enjoy

The Squad:
Lee Priest, Jon Evans, Nick SD, James Coburn, Poul Alexander, Simon "Burgers" Vernon, Thomas "C-face" May, Nathan "Natman" Kettle, Dan Marahrens, Pete "Babyface" Wilson and Sandy Scott
Pete Humphreys on Saturday
Gareth Brookfield and Josh "Gibbon" Hewes on Sunday

Arriving at our pitch on Saturday morning, we were struck by a certain oddity. That oddity was namely that there was a tree growing out of it. Yes, a tree, a small tree, but still a tree. Anyway, the tree was swiftly dealt with by C-face's expert gardening skills (he pulled on it a bit, it came out) and we were ready for our first match.

Mixed Tour 3

Dear Camdisc,

Anyone who's anyone knows that Mixed Tour 3 took place but days ago in the pleasing surrounds of Cheltenham. No, I don't know where that is either, but a quick google for destinations that take about three hours to drive to gives me the following options:


Representing the Blue:
Shannens, Strachens, Natmens, Fenns, Humphens, Maraharens, Rudickens, Borchens, Nick SDens (+ a sliver of Wongens)
Jassing, Katieing, Kating, Sarahing, Pring, Mega (+ a little bit of Nataling)


SB held seed (22nd) going 3/3 in a slightly windy, occasionally inspirational and regularly gritty weekend. Interesting fact: In only 2 of the 6 games played did we complete the game before the hooter sounded for the start of the next round of matches. We did all of our best work in the cap.
Also, Azerbaijan won the Eurovision. I was going to include it in my 'where is cheltenham' map above but I've never been driven there so don't know how long it takes.

Uni Women's Outdoor Nationals

Hey Camdisc,

Last weekend the SB women went to Durham to play UWON and came 2nd! Woooop! The team: Anna, Ellie, Emily, Jess, Megan, Lauren, Pri, Veronika and me.
(Sideline: Mike)

Firstly, Jess brought her camera (of course) and has uploaded some great photos, here's the link

Two carfuls of us headed to Durham on Friday - it's further away than you might think! We were staying with the lovely Brown player Alex Merson. The other car went earlier and had fun in Durham, while we went up post-dinner and sang the Sound of Music. (Yes, all of it.)

We were seeded 2nd - which we thought was surprising but turned out to be exactly right :) - and in a pool with Sussex Squaws, Newcastle Pies, York and DUF (Durham). This proved to be a very strong pool, all teams in the top 4 were in it! It was terribly windy both days, with strong crosspitch gusts: tough for offence, but great for zoning!

Mixed Tour 2


So apparently I have the honour of writing another reflective yet upbeat report about SB's latest adventure at Mixed Tour 2 in Cardiff. Again it's unlikely to be concise so apologies for that!

Some people went down early for Elliots 'day of fun,' some people didn't, but like a well oiled machine we all gathered on Friday evening and set up camp. MEMO- If you camp in Cardiff, bring a mallet, the ground is rock hard, fortunately despite our poorly pegged tents the light winds meant it wasn't a problem. This lack of wind also opened up good 'boosting' possibilities but more about that later.

SB was
Myself, Mikey, Hannah, Lauren, Jess, Anna, Tom B, Claire, Nick SD, Jassy, Humphs, Dan M, Anna, Adam B.

We were seeded 17th and in a pool with High Altitude, Scarecrew and BAF.

Mixed Tour 1

Since for various reason Matt is unlikely to remember much of the weekend and if Natman writes the report we'll be waiting until next summer I thought I'd give a brief (it's really not in any way brief so if you need the loo or are a bit hungry I'd do that first) round up of SB's trip to the deep South.

SB Was:
Tom B, Anna, Matt H, Katie, Nick SD, Jess, Ruben, Susanna, Natman, Lauren, Myself, Rob G (Sunday!)

Some of us camped on Friday, some of us didn't, but we all congregated bright and early in a somewhat hazy but soon to be sun drenched Weymouth with varying degrees of optimism/ambition. We were seeded 22nd

Uni Outdoor Nationals

Prepare yourself for a ramble: it's the report of what happened with SB at The Big Show.

The climax of the season had come upon us: Uni Outdoor Natties in Sheffield, last weekend, the 19th and 20th of March. After winning Midlands Regionals in a fairly nailbiting fashion (down 7-8 at cap to Oxford, winning 9-8), we arrived at Natties with the 3 seed overall (behind Mohawks and Ro Sham Bo, and ahead of Warwick).


Midland Uni Open Outdoor Regionals - SB2

Hello everyone,

As you've probably heard by now, it wasn't just the firsts at outdoor regionals. Oh no. The seconds turned up and turned it on too.

The team was, in no particular order and with no particular lines, Natman, Nimrod, Poul, Adam B(e), Chris B, Lauren, Emily S, Gareth, Nick, Tejas, Kris C, Calvin, Jon E and myself.

We were seeded 19th overall (as Mike would put it !!?), in a pool with Bears 1, UBU 1, Demons, OWL 2 and Leicester 2.

MUOOR 2011

Kia ora, Well here's the story. We sent a bunch of people to Birmingham for outdoor (YAY) regionals. This is what the 1sts did; I'm sure someone from the 2nds'll step up with some sweet stories too.

Last Monday the schedule came out; we were 4th seed (!) with Aye-aye (!) and Haze (!!?) both seeded above us. #1 was Bears, of course, which meant that if we topped the group we'd play the 1v4 semi on Sunday morning (9:05). That would be An Important Match (ominous music).

On the other hand, being 4th seed meant we were in the short pool (5 not 6 teams), which in turn meant we had a 1045 start on Saturday (say WHAT).


Nationals Report- Open team finishes 12th!

We had a chance of being 15th seed or 16th seed, I pulled 16 and brown got 15. (seems unlucky, but wait....)

Saturday- damp but warm- light rain on and off all day, gusty winds. We lost to Clapham in game one (pretty handily, but used it as a tough warm up). We then played Fire 2 in an epic 16-15 sudden death win for SB. Fido went up for a floaty huck, was fouled and was called for foul (unlikely that last bit) and then after the disc was sent back, it was promptly re-hucked and he came down with it and we promptly scored for the W. We then played Tooting Tigers in the 8-9 game after a 2 hour lay off- and we didn't put up too much of a fight, since we were too happy with ourselves from the previous win.

Open Tour 3 - SB 2

Evening All,

It wasn't just the firsts who made the epic journey to Wales this weekend, Strange Blue also fielded an enthusiastic second team to take on C Tour.

Dropped from 3rd seed to finish 7th in C Tour, with everyone playing through injury and unbelievable exhaustion to contribute to a fantastic weekend.

Open Tour 3 - SB 1

Hi everyone,

A quick report on open tour 3, which took place in Cardiff this past weekend. The firsts persevered brilliantly with a "tightly integrated" team of 12 after several last minute crises. Despite our small squad and a steadily accumulating list of injuries we managed to give Fire 2 and several other strong teams a run for their money. Our injuries and tiredness did catch up with us, though, and we lost a close game against cardiff in the 16v17 game to be relegated to B tour, and over the whole weekend we went from 14th to 18th.

SB 2 at Tour 2

A Couple of weekends ago SB2 took a team to Tour 2 in Burton-on-Trent.

We won the 9-10 plate final (although there was no plate). It was close game but by now we'd found everyone's strengths, from Token's tireless running (he must have been top scorer in our team), great link up play from Will, and Spence, great hucking from Joe and Rich, great D from Chris, to mention just some of the team. It was a great team effort to secure a well-deserved victory. Bring on Tour 3!

Safe journey home,

Your loving co-captains Piers and Rich

Tour 2 firsts

Hey everyone,

I'm sure more will follow, but just a quick note to say that the firsts had a fantastic weekend at A tour 2, finishing 14th. The highlight was coming back from 9-13 down to win 15-14 in sudden death against Cambo Cakes in the 13 v 16 game. Great work SB!


Cuppers Results

Kia ora,

A gloriously sunny *cough* warm *cough cough* British summer day saw 16 - er, 15 - er, 14 - er, 12 in the end - teams battle it out for the title of Summer Cuppers. Champions. That's the one.

Trunderballs (Trinity & new thundercatz) took the cup in style, while Emma, with a little help from Pembroke won the plate.

SPIRIT: A tie between Emma A, Downing and Darkside, congrats. And a big boo to Darkside for stealing the prize. I bet the security tag on the bottle gets you into trouble. That'd be like totally karmic and stuff. Fo' sho'.

Thanks to everyone for turning up despite the weather, which teetered on a knife edge all day but ended up not being (too) terrible. And props to Trunderballs and Chillies, who played a great final that was thoroughly enjoyable to watch.


- Mike

SB at Tour 1

The firsts beat seed to come 21st of 24 at open tour 1 this weekend. We were looking pretty unstoppable by the end of today, and finished on a high with a hard fought win against Limited Release who we'd lost to earlier in the tournament.

The seconds visited Cheltenham this weekend. Now officially renamed Strange Blue Woo, and the campest team on tour, the overall result (holding seed at 26th) doesn't really do justice to how hard everyone played.

On Saturday we rocked our pool play, winning four matches with a good margin. We struggled against zones - especially the horrible arrowhead formation that Kent use, but our junk got better and better throughout the weekend.

Matches on Sunday were exhausting in the horrible wind, and all games going to time - or over. The highlight of the weekend was the final match against Red where we came from 11 v 3 down to bring the score back to 12 v 11 at time. Red managed to add the final points in the cap but everyone played their hearts out and it was our best overall performance of the weekend.

SB 5th at UMON!

An immensely windy weekend in Manchster gave the Uni Mixed team plenty of opportunities to try out a variety of zone defences, which were used to great effect against most of their opposition.

Bears & Mohawks provided the stiffest opposition, with the former beating them in their quarter-final. SB won their remaining games and finished 5th.

Ladies take on the UK at UWON

So the ladies + two pimpin' guys went down to Brighton last weekend for Uni Women's Outdoor Nationals and got 6th place!! WOOT!!!!

The ladies: Jo, Laura, Sonja, Natalie, Eleanor (Ellie), Lauren, Veronika, Valentijn, and me!

Driver/Photographer: Gary Lowe
THE amazing baker: Mike Fletcher

So proud of the girls and can't wait to play with the women again.

Props to Laura's parents for all the food they brought for us!!!

And can someone please take over being JTM? I'm going to hunt for freshers next year who's born in 1992.


'Stranger Danger' at Lloret Costa Brava

Here's a report of the adventures of Team 'Stranger Danger' Blue at the 6th Costa Brava erotic edition tournament. 'Stranger Danger' got coined because the hotel misspelt our name and because there was a lot of stranger rodeo this weekend.

After 3 days of ultimate on the beach, and plenty of intense partying, SB placed 22nd out of 24 in the Costa Brava tourney.

Mixed Tour 1 Roundup

Strange Blue are back from a weekend of sunshine in Cardiff. We started out as lowly 31st seeds and gave up a winning position for a difficult loss in our first game, leaving us a tough set of fixtures to improve our ranking. Nevertheless, we had a great spirit throughout the weekend and interspersed some very good and some not-so-good moments, but eventually things started to click and I think we really improved towards the end as we climbed up to 25th. Hopefully Lauren will bring you a more in-depth review in due course.

I'd like to thank all those who went for making it so awesome, especially the tour debutants, but I'd especially like to thank our new and old friends, Kate and Alex for joining us this weekend.

Uni Open Nationals 2010

I'm sure some people haven't realised yet (where on earth have you been), but last weekend we went to Uni Open outdoor nationals in Sheffield. And ate a load of carvery. We also played some sweet frisbee, and came 4th in the country (i.e. won the quarterfinal), which when you look at the teams above us (probably on balance better than us) and the teams below us (all unequivocally worse than us) is fair. Plus Flatball came 15th. HA HA HA HA.

8th at Uni Mixed Indoor Nationals

Last weekend, SB trekked (7 hours each way!) up to UMIN in Glasgow. After narrowly fighting our way through 2 dodgy 3-way ties and an intense crossover, we found ourselves in the Top 8 for Sunday. However, we finished at the bottom of it as we were beaten by some quality opposition. I had a fantastic weekend and first SB tournament and I hope everyone else enjoyed it too!

Students into Div. 1 Nationals

In Leicester this weekend both SB teams showed their mettle. Despite Hammad driving to the party venue rather than the pitches (leaving SB 1 with only 6 at the start of play!), they won all their games on the first day, and only lost to Bears on Sunday, finishing 2nd and qualifying for Div. 1 Nationals.
SB2 only just missed out on beating the hosts on Saturday, then flattened their first 2 opponents on Sunday to set up a tight match for The Plate, which they closed out in style to pick up some silverware.
Fatty Jon was MVP of the final.

LWL4: SB finish 5th.

After a disappointingly on-sided loss to Clapham (13-1, though we played better than that suggests), SB dug deep to beat ABH in sudden death, and finally found our form against a tired, but still dangerous, Tooting Tigers. If this match is anything to go by, we'll see more plenty more spectacular layouts, sketchy hucks, and chilly zone offense later in the year.

2 Teams into Div. 2 Uni Mixed Indoor Nationals

Last weekend (Jan. 23/24), we sent off two teams to University Mixed Indoor Regionals, held in Norwich at UEA. After starting off with an intense game between the two teams, we went our separate ways, with the second team being pushed into 6th place by an impressive Bears 2, while the first team just lost out on a Div. 1 Nationals place to a huge layout score in sudden death from a fired up UBU 1.
Reports: FirstsSeconds

Indoor Student Nationals

Overall we came a very respectable 8th and voted Hammad as MVP for, amongst other things, consistently bringing down high discs and playing really hard throughout and Gary as MIP for a great combination of handling and cutting.

SB finish a respectable 20th at Nationals

It was a good weekend, despite the results. We pulled a tough game out of the bag and we had an amazing first game on Sunday. Imagine what it would be like if we kept practising for the last 2 months and could count on a few more players. Hopefully, next year we will be facing the tour in a different way, knowing that we could be aiming for a permanent seat in the A tour.

SB Win All the Varsity Matches

Cambridge Uni demonstrated their dominance over the dark blues today with wins in all 6 matches - Firsts, Seconds & Women, both Indoors & outdoors. Sweet!

3 Cambridge Teams at Tour 1!

Last weekend Cambridge took 3 teams to Tour 1:
2 Open Teams, imaginatively named "SB 1" and "SB 2", and a Women's team - The Dolly Mixtures.
The Firsts did really well fighting their way into A Tour after coming off worst in a 3 way tie at Tour 0. They finished 15th. It didn't go quite that way for the seconds, who lost a few spots to end up second in C tour. The Women climbed 1 place to 14th after a really strong Sunday in which they won all but 1 of their games.
Finally, a party at Jassy's topped off the weekend, with Ouzo and GSK being of particular note.
Reports: SB 1Dolly Mixtures

Getting wasted gets results: proved by SB at MT2

Without having practised together, plus a rather alcoholic bloodstream on Sunday, we still totally pulled it off and moved up a bracket into the TOP 16!!! WOOO!!

SB 2nd at UMON

This weekend just gone, as is SB's current wont, a minor menagerie of wildlife took to the joys of the A14/A1(M)/A52 to travel to Nottingham for Uni Mixed Outdoor Nationals, hosted by Random Fling. Carefully caged during transport were a hippo, a leopard, a falcon, a meerkat, an octopus (in a tank of water, obviously.), a wolf, a spider monkey, a koala bear, a peacock, a yellow giraffe, and a "shire horse" (I've got no idea how this is different from a normal horse).

SB2 make it into B Tour!

So SB2 rocked up to tour 0 to have some fun and try to make B tour. We started seeded 17th, and bottom seeds in a tough looking pool, with 13th place required for B tour.

Dolly Mixtures win Plate at UWON

So slightly depleted in numbers due to silly engineer exams, we had 6 girls go from cambridge up to newcastle. Me, Jassy, Laura F, Rachael, Laura W, Abby, playing for the first time in the new strip crafted by Jassy and under the SB ARU women combined name 'Dolly Mixtures.' Because of special women's rules we also had some help from Alice from Aye Aye and 3 and a half DUF girls, taking our squad to 11 for sat and 10 for sun.

SB so stylish on the sand at Costa Brava

Despite relatively little experience on sand, SB played some sweet, sweet ultimate to finish 3rd, a massive step up from last year. No fun compromised, this was achieved on top of our tri-night dance floor destruction, cold-shock dips in the sea and creative use of sangria.

SB 6th at Uni Nationals

So SB marched to nationals, seeded second, and itching to get playing to take apart the rest of the country with our awesome game. Despite a slight deviation from the plan, SB had a great time, and finished the weekend with a great game against Ro Sham. Congrats to Bears for taking the title.

Regionals - Success all round

SB hosted a sweet regionals this weekend, with the first team winning the title, and the seconds doing better than ever before. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Mark who brought it all together.

Women take 4th at Indoor Nationals

So the SB girls, once again surpassing the efforts of the boys finished 4th at indoor nationals. We played hard, played fair, played fun, and a fantastic weekend was had by all.

Bet you boys can't wait to play mixed with us all now!

Best Ever Indoor Nationals

This weekend we went down to Southampton for Indoor Nationals, we achieved our best place nationally, ever. We were also the only team that beat Roshambo! I'm really pumped to be on our team. I'm really pumped for outdoors! Good night blue.
Mark Ioffe

SB Women Win Indoor Regionals

On 8th of November, Alex, Susanna, Jassy, Snodge, Cat, Laura, Jo & Natalie (with Chris driving) went up to Liverpool to qualify for Nationals. They played some sweet ultimate, taking the trophy in style by winning every game.

SB qualify for Nationals

Last Weekend Strange Blue sent a team to Nottingham to compete in the Midlands Indoor Regionals. We played 7, lost 1 and and came 3rd, qualifying for Indoor Nationals. Overall it was a totally sweet tournament, and we totally did a load of totally sweet stuff and played some totally sweet frisbee.

SB show Burla how to Party

Strange Blue on Tour wound up at Burla Beach Tournament 2008, which took place in ViaReggio, Tuscany, Italy on the 19th - 21st September. We didn't do that well in the tournament - but to be honest we spent the weekend running around a beach in Tuscany with a whole bunch of mates. . It don't get any better than that!

The Ballad of Mixed Tour 3

I sing of discs and of the man,
destined to lead our team,
Of blue clad youths and bright women,
To the pitch of the ultimate dream.

Mixed Tour 2 Tournament Report

It was a typical British Saturday morning on the 28th June when 8 fit and healthy men, 7 feisty women and 1 broken shoemaker took to the roads to make their way to the oh-so-glamorous Burton-on-Trent to represent Strange Blue in the second instalment of Mixed Tour.

Mixed Tour 1 Tournament Report

Strange Mixed Balls embraced the terrier spirit to play some tip top ultimate, have bundles of fun, defeat an entire nation and finish 7th at Mixed Tour 1, my [Nick's] favourite tournament of all time.

SB Second in Uni Nationals

Strange Blue came second in the 2008 University Open Outdoor Nationals in York, after beating tournament favourites, Ro Sham Bo.

SB Women at Outdoor Nationals

Despite having to forfeit all the matches on day one, the SB women more than made up for it on day two, winning 2/3 matches and finishing 11th.

SB on Tour at Lloret Costa Brava

Strange Blue went on Tour at the Lloret Costa Brava Tournament 2008, which took place in Lloret De Mar on the 15th - 17th March, SB had great fun and came a very creditable 11th out of 24 finish.
Long Live the Beach and we'd better come back next year!

All-Round Success in Outdoor

Strange Blue won all matches in Uni Open Outdoor Regionals, qualifying for Nationals on 3/4 May in York.
Second team won the plate (13th), and third team came 20th.

SB Uni Women qualify for Nationals

The Strange Blue Women's squad qualified for University Indoor Nationals after 10 long and exciting matches.

UWIR Tournament Report

Last weekend (24-25th November) the SB women's student team went to Sheffield where after 10 hard fought games of ultimate, we obtained 6th place and more importantly qualified to go the national's tournament in February.

New SB hoodies for sale

There are new hoodies for sale. Just contact the shop if you want some (go to "How to get discs/kit") and order some. Alternatively talk to Pedro on Sundays practices.

Winter College League

It's time to start up the winter college league. Could you please send an email to Nathan (nk294) with all the teams you wish to enter asap. The exact format and timing of the league this year will depend on the number of teams entering so the sooner this is known the better. The situation has not changed since last year regards playing on Jesus Green, so could you please also email him the pitches you have at your disposal.

Extra indoor practice for Regionals

The indoor teams as chosen (mostly) by Simon were sent on the email, but they're not set in stone and could change if you particularly impress him tomorrow night. Or if you chump it like a n00b. "Tomorrow" is 8-9pm in Hills Road 6th form college (map ) and you should be there at 7.45pm with £2.50, light and dark top, indoor shoes and a disc if you have one. Practice is advanced, and open to anyone, not just people coming to regionals, so if you want to play any more indoors in the future (mixed regionals for example, or any open events) you should come. That sounded more threatening than I intended...
Cambridge Ultimate

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11:00 - 13:00

Tuesday - JG      18:00 - sunset   Throwing + pickup

Thursday - JG  18:00 - sunset   Skills session

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