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What follows is the constitution of the Cambridge University Ultimate Club. Despite being a University society, this committee organises most of the Ultimate in Cambridge, including club (non-student) activities and has several non-student officers, include the Cambridge Ultimate captains and a Town Representative, to enable this.

Cambridge University Ultimate Club Constitution

 a. The name of the society shall be “the Cambridge University Ultimate Club”, hereafter referred to as “the Society”.

 b. The aims of the Society shall be:

i) To further interest in and promote Ultimate amongst the members of the University and  Cambridge as a whole.

ii) To foster the Spirit of the Game amongst all its members.

iii) To organize and run Ultimate events in Cambridge for the benefit of its members.

iv) To aid members’ participation in UK Ultimate (and any other Ultimate bodies deemed appropriate by the committee) events.

 c. Membership of the Society shall be open to all members of the University, and others who apply to the Committee. The Committee shall not refuse membership to any applicant, although it reserves the right to expel members for behaviour not consistent with the Spirit of the Game or behaviour likely to bring the Society or University into disrepute. All members shall have full voting rights at Society meetings. The official record of membership shall be the list of members registered with the Society website.

 d. The Committee of the Society shall be elected at a Society General Meeting. Nominations for the Committee shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing or by email a least one full day before the meeting. Any member of the society shall be eligible for any post, and members may nominate themselves. Nominations must be seconded by at least one other member of the Society. Votes shall be carried out by a first-past-the-post system.

 e. The Committee shall consist of, at a minimum:

i) the President, who will ensure the smooth running of the Executive Committee and Society, and preside over Committee meetings.

ii) the Secretary, who will call Society General Meetings when necessary, and aid the President in Society-related matters.

iii) the Junior Treasurer, who will handle the Society’s financial assets and ensure that debts to and from the Club are settled.

A majority of the elected members of the Executive Committee shall be full-time undergraduate or postgraduate students of the University.

In addition there shall be a Senior Treasurer, who shall be a member of the Regent House, or other person approved by the Junior Proctor. The Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the elected members of the Executive Committee and shall be ex officio a member of the Executive Committee.

 f. The Committee may, at its discretion, create additional Committee posts and/or co-opt members for said posts, for example team captain, social coordinator, university liaison, or coach. The Committee reserves the right to decide upon whether and how these additional posts will be filled.

g. Once elected, Committee members hold their posts until the next Society AGM, where they may stand for re-election if they choose. If a Committee member fails to satisfactorily discharge their duties, the remainder of the Committee may vote unanimously to remove them from their position at a Society General Meeting.

 h. Meetings of the Society or Committee shall be chaired by the President, or in his or her absence, the Secretary. The Secretary shall keep a written record of each meeting.

 i. The Annual General Meeting shall be held once yearly during Full Term in Cambridge, typically during Easter Term, at a date announced by the Secretary no sooner than two weeks prior to said date. All Society members in good standing are eligible to attend and vote.

 j. At other times an Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee. It shall be announced by the Secretary with at least two weeks’ notice. An EGM shall have the same powers as an AGM.

 k. Amendments to this Constitution shall be made only at a Society General Meeting, and shall be proposed and seconded by three members in writing to the Secretary, not less than one week before the General Meeting. No vote shall be valid unless a quorum of at least half of the current members of the Committee is present.

No amendment to this Constitution intended to remove the position of Senior Treasurer, to alter its prerogatives and duties, or to change the criteria and procedure for the appointment of a Senior Treasurer can be put to a vote without the prior written agreement of the Junior Proctor of the University of Cambridge.

 l. There shall be no subscriptions for membership of the Society, but the Committee reserves the right to expel members from the Society for non-payment of debts to the Society.

 m. It shall be the duty of the Committee to ensure that the Society complies with the requirements for Registration as a University Society.

 n. A Senior Treasurer shall be appointed each year by the Committee to audit the society’s accounts. The Senior Treasurer shall be ex officioa member of the Committee.

 o. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any financial debt or other obligation of the Society unless he or she has personally authorised such a debt in writing.

 p. Should the society be called upon to dissolve, an Emergency General Meeting should be called by the Secretary, with at least two weeks’ notice, stating that a dissolution poll is to be held. The Committee must unanimously vote to dissolve the society for the dissolution to proceed. If any members of the Committee are absent, the vote may not be held. If the Society is dissolved the remaining assets of the Society after any liabilities have been met may be transferred to another University Society, or to the Societies Syndicate as deemed appropriate by the Committee.

q. The Society’s only disciplinary sanctions are to expel or to suspend a member whose actions are felt to be such as to bring the Society into disrepute, or to adversely affect the smooth running of the Society in a major way. Such expulsion or suspension can only be effected by a majority vote of all Executive Committee members, excluding the Senior Treasurer. In the event of an expulsion, the excluded member is required to return all equipment, documents and finances belonging to the Society within 7 days. He/she will not be entitled to any full or partial refund of annual subscriptions;

If the excluded or suspended member wishes to appeal the decision, that appeal should be made to the Senior Treasurer, who will consider all the facts, and whose decision will be final. An appeal as to the process of exclusion, but not a further investigation into the facts, may be lodged with the Junior Proctor

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