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College League

Below are contact details for someone from each team that you can get in touch with if you're interested in joining them.

Please note that, for new players, the associations of colleges & teams are just suggestions - if you have some friends at another college, or their practice times are more suitable for you, there's no problem with you training and playing with the team of your choice.

If you're not sure who to contact, get in touch with the league organiser, James Famelton (jrf54).

Captains: these contacts are NOT necessarily correct for arranging matches. Check the spreadsheet emailed to the captains' list for those.

Solo Colleges

Multi-college teams

Pembroke, Christs, Emma, Peterhouse, Hughes Hall, Wolfson
Fitzwilliam, St Catharine's, Trinity Hall, Girton, Magdalene, Caius, St Edmunds, Lucy Cavendish
Clare, Clare Hall, King's, Newnham, Queens', Robinson, Selwyn, Sidney Sussex, Darwin
Churchill and Murray Edwards

Non-Student/Undergraduate Teams

Graduates, Darwin, Hughes Hall, Lucy Cavendish, St. Edmunds and Wolfson Colleges

To stop spam, most email address aren't given in full.
Unless specified, "abc45" becomes "".


Jess Atkinson - jka34
Churchill Ultimate Website

Churchill Logo

Corpus Christi

Bailey Brookes - bdb31


Tasha Smith - ns624
Humaira Bhadelia - hb454
Downing Ultimate Website

Downing Ultimate Logo


Jack Bennett -
Ossian Rundquist -
Homerton Ultimate Website

Homerton Ultimate Logo


Matthew Sharp -
Jesus College Ultimate Website

Jesus Ultimate Logo

St John's

Sam Harrison - srh60
St John's College Ultimate Website

SJC Ultimate Logo


Patrik Turzak - pt371
Trinity Ultimate Website

Trinity Ultimate Logo


Jonathan Waldren - jw862
Chrembroke Logo

New Thundercatz

Seán Thór Herron - sth30
Jackson Woodruff - jcw78
New Thundercatz Logo


Michael Chronias - mnc27
Penguins Logo

Anglia Ruskin

Andy Fagan -
ARU Darkside Logo

Frisee Rascals

Joe McGinty -


Contact the League Organiser


Seamus Turvill -
Cambridge Ultimate

Sunday - C.C.
Main Practice

Tuesday - JG  18:00 - Sunset  Skills Practice

Thursday - JG       18:00 - Sunset       Pickup

Sunday - C.C.

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