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College League

What is College League?

College league is a mildly competitive and super-friendly league that runs throughout term time. It's designed to be fun and accessible to beginners, while providing an opportunity for intermediate players to work on a wide variety of their skills. The venue is agreed by the respective college captains and announced to their teams.

Anyone can play in college league - and we're not too fussy about which team beginners play for. Most students will be able to find a team at their own or a nearby college - look at the list of teams to get in touch with the captains.

Full details of the structure can be found here:
College League Rules & Competition Structure.

Fixtures and results will be posted on the fixtures page.

Cambridge Ultimate
10:00 - 12:00
Main Practice
Location: announced on mailing list each week, usually
Coldham's Common
Everyone participates at their own risk, please cosider the conditions and general skill level, and play at a safe intensity.

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